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I did a search but didnt come up with results. Do the chinos shrink after the first machine wash and dryer trip? Talking specifically about the Davis Chinos (reg. weight), but any of the cotton trousers would apply I assume. Thanks
In my opinion, you want something like a sharkskin, in a petrol blue, kinda like this:
Blazer is made typically with a similar cloth as a "city" suit, except with metal / brass/ MOP buttons.Sportcoats (which is what you may be after) are made with more robust fabrics, typically with a pattern or visible texture (like herringbone or houndstooth).That being said, TaT can do both
People please get it pressed first, it's not like its that much more trouble to do before asking for an opinion.
Sid Mashburn look perhaps? 501 STF, then after shrinking hem to minimal break and taper slightly.
Like so many other things in life, there are rarely set, direct paths to goals. As others have said, find an activity that you enjoy that puts you in a position to meet other people. Shared and common interests / goals are powerful social forces that brings people together. It's no guarantee of anything of course, but at the very least you'll enjoy yourself.
Depends on what you view as significant. The mohair is going to be solid up close, and the birds-eye will not. That said, they both will be navy, but there will be more visible texture to the birds-eye.
Your pants should be hemmed a little shorter if the back is breaking like that. Even though it's a "conservative" leg taper, it's still narrow enough that a Half-break should be the most it breaks.As for the jacket, your tailor may let out the back a little, while at the same time taking in the waist from the sides.
1. Yes you can treat it as solid. As far as first proper suit, navy or charcoal will do, as long as it is solid.2. Define "conservative." Tapered trousers and shorter jackets have been around for more than half a century. It is a particular aesthetic. If you want to know if will be "acceptable," look no further than your peer group in which you would wear such a garment.In short, yes it should be fine.
AE MacNeil in Burgandy shell, should go with everything you mentioned.
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