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People did that with their lamb TOJ jackets. Not sure if that Schott is lamb. I've accidentally soaked my calf TOJs walking home for hours in the rain and nothing changed once it dried.
Kg, seems like the sleeves on that 5 zip are a bit baggy.
Haha, chaos, looks like your collection grew from since we met and you tried on my TOJ calf jacket.
It was melonadejello: http://www.styleforum.net/t/164746/recent-purchases-part-ii/38310#post_6633042
Holy shit, last page has got to be one of the best pages in a long time.
18.5" chest on a sz48 seems small.
Very nice, bought the same watch for my little brother. I guess it's a good alternative to a Submariner, haha.
Fok, actually thinking about copping the Navy zip cardigan, haha.
Unfortunately, these are too big. I am hoping to trade for size 42. Personally, I like this color the best. $225 + shipping.
New Posts  All Forums: