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They've already shipped, or at least some of them.
Was close to getting the two tone actually but decided against it. Wish those high tops were a size smaller. Woo, no refund. Thanks Fok!
Got a couple things, wish I had a bigger budget though. I wanted a longer coat but Metro isn't what I'm looking for though. Great looking piece though.
Thanks for the info, Fok. I have been looking for a longer coat for a while now and not sure a band collar is exactly what I want. The other pieces seem pretty cool though. I think I'll end up picking something up.
What's the collar on the Metro coat like? It's a little hard to see from my screen.
Looking forward to this, Fok. Thank you.
Ah okay. Damn, I'd love me one of those! Sounds fun.
I thought you sold the Cossy 190?
Classic Menswear
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