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Nice @Dbear, the coated denim is sick! Coating starting to wear through on mine, beginning to look awesome.
They didn't shrink much or at all for me. Cold wash, hand dry.
Same engine?
Why not the STi? Curious
Under the coating is a khaki-like color but with less saturation. Whoa, I didn't even check before but the weft is a bordeaux. Pretty cool!
Yeah. Honestly, I had doubts because I can range from 46 to 48. I thought these were going to be too big as I've tried 48 in RG before but these ended up how I wanted. I can't wait to see how they wear over time.
The jacket is dark grey on the inside. Thanks!
X-Post from RG Thread.
New purchases... [[SPOILER]]
Wow, thank you so much Fok. The Lang jacket is my new favorite. The raw seams are an awesome detail and I really like the lining (I hate fuzzy linings). Surprisingly, the sleeves are perfect. Other Geller I've received have sleeves probably an inch or two too long but these fall perfectly. Another surprised is that the coated denim fit spot on. The tuxedo striped pants I received from the previous sample sale were extremely roomy with a huge hem. I am thinking about...
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