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That is mouse acceleration. It's a pain for all gaming and a hassle to turn it off. I turned it off from third party programs associated with my mouse but I am not sure how it is done through OS X or Windows. And I am sure there are ways to force the DotA screen to your external setup. It'll just require some fiddling with the settings.Anyways, hit me up via PM if you want to play sometime. I have a smurf account as well that I use from time to time.Let's try to keep this...
Doesn't OSX support Steam?
So glad we have DotA 2 fans here. Only game I enjoy nowadays. @nahneun I play from my Mac but have Bootcamped to Windows ever since I got it. Warning though, the learning curve is incredibly steep so prepared to be frustrated. I've been playing since RoC and still learn new mechanics all the time.
@gettoasty I actually think that looks really similar to the one @Parker has.
Just bought Buffalo Trace based on what I've heard here (typically a gin drinker). Some grungy hipstery looking du walked passed me at checkout and said, "Ah, Buffalo Trace. That stuff's good, bruh." I guess that's reassuring.
Is that cropped?
Looks like cotton to me.
Wasn't there some member that fell off his bike wearing TOJ calf? I know there another who got bit by a pitbull with pictures of the aftermath. This was a while ago.
Lol at Diglet's new avatar.
Dang, @Benesyed, you've come a long way!
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