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There were a few detailed posts about what defines a quality leather jacket a couple pages back.
Well, I boulder instead of sport climbing for this reason. All you need are shoes, chalk and a day pass ($7-20). I consider this immensely more fun than the gym and you get a fun workout. Sport climbing requires certification, ropes, cams, harness, etc. and it can get pricey. People at all the climbing gyms I've been to are extremely nice, laid back and always willing to teach. The reason I go back is for the environment.Plus, no gymbros. Okay, I lied. There are gym bros...
Alex Honnold is insane but 5.12 is pretty tough but isn't that difficult. Obviously, if you're free climbing, you're not going to send the toughest problems. One of the strongest boulderers: Daniel Woods Ashima Shiraishi is ridiculous: Chris Sharma, known as the best sport climber in the wold: Adam Ondra can you be so strong yet so skinny... Like any seasoned athlete, they will make their sport look easy. This is no different. Climbing casually just...
Doing some quick research and it seems like everyone is saying the 300ZX is a PITA to work on engine-wise.
Just looked a little deeper into the 300zx TT and got me interested. I disregarded the 300zx for a while solely because of aesthetics as I've been favoring the 240Z much more. This is now a option...though I'd take that Escort Cossy over most cars.
I'll just leave this here...
When did they sell collarless shirts?
@el Bert, that's easily my favorite fit of yours.
Congrats, @RegisDB9!
Up for sale is BNWOT Robert Geller Drenched Blazer in the size 48. Gorgeous gradient patterning over houndstooth. S2S: 17.25" P2P: 21.75" $215 + Shipping
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