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Any ideas art?
X-Post for those who were wondering.
What I find interesting is that in the chest/back area aren't all that tight. I actually like the way the back is cut much larger than the chest. That's the biggest reason why I had to sell all of my non-MTM TOJ jackets. Back is simply too small. The sleeves do fit pretty slim and, damn, these sleeves are long!
Just picked this up at the post office. Should I keep? Just threw it on to see how it fit. Would've put on HMMMM boots instead.
Whoops, they do ship via UPS, I got hit by customs.
For anyone curious, customs from Spence it'd just the intarsia is coding me $44.32
Their shipping is so fast. Ordered two days ago, waiting for me at the post office now.
Dropped off the premium linen blazer at the tailors the other day. It has pretty high armholes, slim throughout the arm but the sleeves need to be shortened a bit. Other than that, perfect length and slim enough for me.Now I realize you're probably talking about the blended blazers.
Yeah, they won't mark down.
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