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Checked out the seconds pieces at Americana just now. Nice quality but nothing I really wanted. Only a few there
Enjoy your vacation Fok. Well deserved.
@cola, I'm trying, and it's slowly growing. I can't roll them up beyond mid forearm. Sleeves are too slim.
Giving this another go with a shittier camera. Work fit. [[SPOILER]]
Just received the Navy Paneled Blazer. Interested construction, seems to be a little tighter in the back with slightly lower armholes. A little difficult to cross my arms, deciding if I should keep.
So nice, kg. Damn, for some reason, I thought those tees and tanks were completely see through. If I would have known they were double layered...
A little zx3. :P Lots of fun.
Didn't read any of these posts, bought the paneled blazer because it called my name. Guess it should be awesome.
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