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Can't even imagine. My condolences, jet...
They did have the french work jackets. Price tags varied. I bought a wine bag for a friend for $35. I think they went down to $20 depending on the style.
I just liked the way it felt. The heavy canvas is definitely really cool but the lining is ridiculous.
Just got back from the Apolis sample sale. Picked up the wine tote and a few candles. Was tempted by the USMC jacket as it was pretty hefty and nice but didn't like the cut at all. Only two left in M.
@kgfan5 if you got the size 6 from Yoox, it might be ridiculously big. My little brother returned that and it was even too big for me. I think we're similarly sized
Hopefully, they turn out well.
For those interested in the product design process and such, I'd highly suggest watching Objectified.
DotA - 10% skill, 10% knowledge of mechanics, 80% demoralization of other team. [[SPOILER]]
Oh okay. I guess it isn't in that case. Saffiano is basically just vinyl coated and embossed leather. Feels kind of plastic-y but moisture and scratch resistant. A lot of handbag designers are moving towards it like Prada and Ferragamo. I'm not a fan though.
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