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Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel the whole thing? I would also like to make a call to many active senior posters to please lurk more, poast less. STFU, noob
As I type this there are currently 1/3 more lurkers than there are active members logged in. Speaking as a Senior Member who has been forced to lurk more on occasion (my fault, not teh mods) I encourage you lurkers to join! Even if you aren't going to post much, still join as there are features of this site that lurkers aren't privy to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spark Yes you can have them altered - I had my Barbour slimmed down for about $20. How did they do this? I would like to get my Barbours slimmed but couldn't see how it could be done without looking funny under the arms.
I, for one, am a staunch advocate of humor-and-distract-me-[somewhat]-while-I-[anxiously]-await- my-item(s)-to-arrive-but-at-least-the-payoff-[for you]-will-be-pics-of-the-unboxing, threads. Looking forward to teh payoff
You must either never sit or have an S spine.
Save your $45 Edit: So I went to the SF shoe ticker (link at the top of this page) and sorted all of the shoes by your size, under $45 and guess what? The shoe above was the first one on the list of SF approved shoes.
I think I'm gonna walk around and see how many of the take me tabs are gone.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos New one looks terrible, like you wore them to work in a coal mine and didn't brush the coal dust away. Or you tried to polish with a darker shoe polish because you ran out of your regular light polish. I LOLled IRL. BB, try brushing them a whole lot (especially in teh creases). I have done something similar and trust me, after a wear or two you will wish you never did this. Fortunately, it is reversible.
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