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I pick up anything that calls out to me. Then work it in later with the rest. Not one of those walk around with shirt in hand trying to find matching tie, types. Color? The brighter the better. Bring it on.
without even clicking teh link.
Looks like the welt stitching on Alden. What did that set you back, Luf-T?
Just look at Andy
Yes, there are a LOT of epic threaks floating around.
OTOH? Clothing. Thanks for joining.
Quote: Originally Posted by Knotted I've lurked off and on for quite a while. Enough so that I have a pretty good sense of the regs and a few of the inside jokes. I've learned plenty from lurking but really don't need to do any more than that. I'll never dress better than maybe about 1% of the people on this forum but I dress better than about 95% of the people in my area. That said, if I ever do get a MTM suit I'll be sure and start a thread full of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Made in California Yeah, you really shot from the hip. When the front page consists of only "What defines wingtips?" threads you can consider yourself solely responsible. Quote: Originally Posted by foo roops Is this where bigbris1 introduces his alternate accounts in anticipation of his next ban? Maybe mine and yours can join forces Quote: Originally...
Quote: Originally Posted by reidrothchild Been lurking for months. I only joined last night to inquire about some shoes on B&S. Kind of annoying that I had to make 2 posts before I could PM a seller about the shoes, which caused me to post vague, unhelpful comments to the first two threads I had anything remotely relevant to say. Really enjoy the forum though. Don't worry, 95% of what is posted here is vague and unhelpful.
Only, you have to post self shots in return for your honesty.
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