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Matt, I say with all honesty that your summation above is mostly true. I can see how you thought my starting that thread might have been a jab directed at you, it wasn't. But perception is reality, so I understand your decision on that one. You know I'm not some rebel spammer that is trying to make your life more difficult. I'd like to believe that while I do engage in lollery from time to time I do add value edgewise. Correct me if I'm wrong here. Sorta like my...
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS Really? I can hardly believe you can't stop talking about this. Perhaps your tune will change when you have walked in my shoes. BTW, it was a legitimate question I still haven't received an answer for. And I don't mean since I posted it a few posts up. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Here's a hint. If an admin or moderator makes a decision about you, and you plead your case with him, and he says, "No way, Jose," you'd better let the matter drop unless you were 100% in the right - i.e., the mod made a factual, not judgement, mistake. If you decide that you are going to go cry to another mod, you are probably going to see at least a timeout. Fok. How can you plead a case when "makes a...
I dress as well as the CEO/President of my company, but much better than my boss. My boss dresses like an accountant (slob), his boss wears Polo daily (so we have something in common there) and the president wears true biz casual (but his good shoes are Allen Edmonds). But some days I come in like a slob. Funny that on the days I dress well the president will acknowledgment me on the street and in common areas striking up a conversation but on slob days he walks right...
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Century 21 in NYC often has a good selection as well. This. All of mine were $7-$15. Sucks that C21 doesn't count squares as clothing so you have to pay tax.
Just got my cards. 40% off 11/4-8 with a 15% kicker card with code.
Quote: Originally Posted by dv_indian Don't do it. More new registered users means more opportunity for old timers to say "lurk moar, noob". Lurk Moar N00b!
That's what happened to my suit. Took it to an alterations 'tailor' who took in the center seam which resulted in the pucker. She did another jacket for me which had the same result and she fixed it somehow. The jacket that caused me to start this thread, however, remains the same. Maybe one day I'll take it back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Winner of the contest. FTFY
Having placed in an SF pattern matching contest previously [due to a janky camera, therefore now with a slightly better camera I would win hands down] I fully attest that this is WIN:
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