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IBvox I knew you would nail this. I just knew it. Now to find that Astronomy convention and you'll be killing it!
Quote: Originally Posted by kirbya What do you guys thing of this bag? The picture isn't very good... but it's a Goyard briefcase. Go to the Yard. And bury it.
We recently went to the zoo and the frenzy at the snow leopard enclosure was insane. Especially since you couldn't see anything.
I can't view or participate in B&S. I wanna hurt something. Srsly.
I'm broke but WTF? Get me back on B&S. kthx. Also, I demand a custom title. Thx
I went and tried on 5 pair of the choicest (IMO) woolen plaid. All were very uncomfortable on the nuts in my tagged size. This coming from a dude with 10 pairs of Incotex. I might go back and try a size up.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Mitchelli Samuel Windsor Don't. Do. It.
Quote: Originally Posted by Professor Chaos So I noticed one of the two screws attaching the buckle of my favorite briefcase fell out. It happened outside, so finding it is impossible. Is there any hope of finding a replacement? Where would I even look? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Here you go.
It may be strange, but I'm actually afraid to buy Corneliani branded clothing, just because of the fact that my Polo stuff is so awesome. Go figure.
Quote: Originally Posted by deranged i didn't pull out when we had sex, ever, because she wanted it inside her. This is exactly why I am the proud owner of an 18 YO. Where was admiral Akbar when I needed him?
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