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Like so: Notice in each case, while not shown, the larger items (coat, pants) are a neutral or solid color. The splash is in the accessories.
Quote: Originally Posted by banis Banis, I like this a lot. If I may, a little less calories and more exercise and you'll find your jackets looking even shapelier. I still have a ways to go on working my tire down, but the difference in a couple of inches is dramatic and a definite morale booster.
Tweed coats are a great seasonal item. I've found the Italian made Polo ones to be very nice pieces with great shape and texture.
As a matter of fact, here's what we saw: Chilling Some fool banged on the glass Breaking out
OP, I haven't read the entire thread but just read thru your entire first post. It sounds like 1 may be trying to control you. I say move on and forget about 1. If she indeed does eventually have a kid and the paternity tests show that it's yours, you know what you have to do. Until then, assume she's playing you. If you want to know how I know, just ask me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Yika We need Daffys on B&S There is one. At 100%+ markup.
Werd. This is just the fresh new turn I have been awaiting. Rooting for PTWill
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull Yup. Check Guido's mostexerenet tumblr - he has a Polo jacket he wears, with non-existent shoulders. PG in Polo? Link needed.
I recommend Ghostface. I got my blue & cream Wallys from him & they are awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria - B I'm literally wiping tears from my keyboard.
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