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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria It's the size, delicious dry roasting, freshness, and real French sea salt. - B
Can someone tell me who teh gheys are in here so I can avoid teh ban pt 5? kthx
Dependent on how tall you are the D90 has an awkward heating vent situation that limits knee/leg room. They do sell a kit to overcome this for the diehard, tho.
Quote: Originally Posted by keepnitreal For me it was actually the other way around...Rob Zombie shouldn't make movies and go back to music. Everyone correctly perceives Kanye as an asshole, but we overlook his creative drive. The big talking point on his film should be how a black hip-hop producer turned rapper is channeling his efforts in the world of fashion, art, cinema, and soon broadway. He is expanding his horizons, and a lot of people are just...
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 With all the discussion of matching - and I'm not even addressing the leather jacket match issue here, that's a whole hide of a different color - I got confused and frustrated and now find that I haven't been able to wear more than one of the three at any given time.... E.g. You were close here if the watch strap was the color of the belt. Conversely, if the belt strap was similar to the watch strap...
It'll be like the grown man eggplant foams of the purple haze wallys.
I googled "purple suede boot" and these came up (for men at least):
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Whoa. I can't say it's something I would wear, but if you pull it off it would be an attention grabber that's for sure. The biggest factor to consider is how the boots would work with your current wardrobe. I have a pair of Grensons for PS very similar to the EG Shannon above and I find even those sometimes tough to pair with an ensemble. Thanks, Dave. I thought about it and have at least 2 suits with...
Having met with Chay of AS I'm thinking of ordering a custom balmoral boot, similar to the Shannon II, but in black calf with a purple suede leg on the AS53 last (rightmost last in pic below) without speedhooks. Thoughts? Shannon II
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Vox is Mr.Sams's sock puppet ? Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod You sure about that? After reading vox's snark and comparing it with Mr. Sam, who do you think is the real man behind the curtain? Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del I am surprised that Vox hasnt given his thoughts on this yet. He should have been closely monitoring this...
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