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jt: I wouldn't ask for a reduced fine, but for time served and ROR. I don't use this forum to make money. aj_del: The B&S forum can be viewed when logged out and I suppose I could circumvent by viewing it that way, then sending a PM to the seller, but I thought I'd try doing it the right way first by asking teh Mod Squad.
Looks like the RLPL I just sold, with Garrison lapels
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI They're skinny enough for a grown ass man. I like the lapels on the new tweed you got. Serious hang time with those. I bet if I jumped off my roof I would live. Quote: Originally Posted by Doral I like the cloth on this coat.
Is forumbanning an occasional seller from B&S and imposing a fine for an honest misstep something that can be reconsidered by the powers that be? I started about 14 FS threads [closet cleanouts] over the course of this year and I believe it lent to many a member getting some pretty good deals. Also, the foreumban prevents me from patronizing sellers here. HAlp!
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Your lapels. Where are they? Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition I like skinny lapels, but damn, you got some broad shoulders They aren't that skinny:
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 That shirt. Must have. From where?!!! Polo Regent.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Your lapels. Where are they?
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 I would shy away from a balmoral boot if you have a high instep. Due to comfort issues, I do not wear my balmoral boots as often as I imagined. As a more comfortable alternative which might be worn more often, may I suggest ordering a balmoral shoe: Or a balmoral shoe but with the top portion above the balmoral line made in suede or other color I would shy...
What I do is wear the "covered" items in bright/wild colors. For instance, not all of the sweater is visible. Not all of the pocket square or tie is visible. Same goes for the shirt & socks. What you don't see is that I am wearing khaki pants or dark jeans with the shots with sweaters.
Stank James pose:
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