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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy You do realize that is is pretty literally our house, and that we can kick people out of it for being really, really, annoying, right? I sorta like you (not sure why) but man, you can push it. I'm telling you, one last time, to STFU and move on. Or yes, you will get banned. Also, stop calling out Matt. If you knew us, you'd know that Matt is the most levelheaded of everyone. As for the forum-ban, c'mon man,...
Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition Trying out pocket squares... It's good to see my suit isn't the only one whose skirt flares out this way. I'm mad that you got to cuff your pants, tho.
Nice. I have found those 'Made in Italy' combination top lifts to wear down rather quickly.
Too small, I would need a 44L. Thanks!
I imagine it would only be 'bugging' if you asked all about it and then didn't send the shoes in to them for a resole.
Nope, look: He's pulling the coat here which is skewing the lapel:
How about just emailing and asking them directly? They have been extremely helpful in answering all of my questions in the past.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I'm sure it sucks - I was responding to your post above about the bar analogy and you complaining that witnesses and other patrons don't object more vehemently. Not saying you or others should print up & rock "Free bigbris1" t-shirts. What I'm saying is some of the actions taken in these instances were energized by other members' prodding. FWIW, if 7 of the next 10 posts are, "bris, just suck it up or...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Bris - I like you but honestly you seem to miss the most obvious point. That people here (the other patrons) don't really care that much about this story. It's a tempest in a teapot. Yes, Butter is a moron, yes he was instigating and you were reacting, but really - we just don't care that much. Not a matter of life or death, you know... Can we get back to sipping our drinks and stop hearing about this day in, day...
Look fellas, we keep hearing about this bar analogy, right? So say we were all in a bar and another member said I called his girl a slut and slapped her and therefore should be kicked out of the bar. The bartender looks the other way not knowing if this was true and the patrons just believe this other member and called for my being kicked out. I stand up and say, "yeah, I called her a slut but didn't touch her". I get kicked out because the bouncer doesn't like me...
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