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Seriously, other than the "this is our/their site and we/they can do whatever the F we'd/they'd like" replies, show me where I'm wrong.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter And I think his main beef is that he isn't allowed to use the B&S forum..which isn't your territory anyways, right? Naw, my main beef is people (I say people because Fok has asked me to stop calling out Matt) come on here and make it look like I'm some kind of deserving dooshbag. We know there is an abundance of those here that go on untouched. Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy bris,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS RAWR!!!!!!! Locales hidden + (I imagine) are far away from me. I'm in Harlem. Willing to meet anywhere within a 150 mile radius.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt you wanna know what the funny part is? I've never once timed him out. I banned his minibrises, since starting new IDs while you are in timeout is an offense, but every time out has been administered by someone else. Kinda shoots a hole in the 'one of the mods has it in for me' theory.... This is what I'm talking about. Speak to me, not the other members. Let's take it to PM.
Wow. When I was about to enter high school I had to do an 'orientation' course which was basically summer school before entering high school. One day on the way home on the train, three dudes were walking from car to car. When they got to the front-most car where I (and a weakling friend of mine) was, they looked at us. The larger, bigger one said, "is this him?". The smaller younger one said, "yes". I'm thinking WTF?? We get off at our stop with them...
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt you know, I was going to respond. But I don't think I need to. I would appreciate if you did. F what anyone else thinks, this is between me and you. I brought it here because you don't respond to PMs. Love/Hate you Matt .
STFU, vox. Simply because you didn't back me in my banning thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Alright, idiots (why do I constantly feel like Red Foreman?) That's enough. Butter, you too. Or else I'll toss both of you. Fok. Damn Fok, HTF are you going to judge me by what this POS does? This is precisely what I was talking about. I said, "OK, thanks man" and genuinely felt like something was accomplished and was ready to let this whole thing go. Then, idiot boy posts and we both are at risk of...
Polo Preston flannel pants are possibly the best flannel pants I've ever owned. All too tempted to wear them without underwear.
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