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Would love to work this out as well.I have 9EE Indys, and noone ever has EE, only Ds. I would love to be able to order Ds that fit, to save a lot of waiting time.
HI, asked this elsewhere, but didn't get much help, as there was heated debates going on... or maybe it is a shit question. I wear 9.5EE normally in boots. So many boots only come in D. What size would 9.5 EE translate to in D? I have seen somewhere that it would be like a 12, which is crazy too long. Is that about right though? Will I never get a close D to fit?
Hi Everyone. I need a bit of help. There has been 100 answers over time, but I can't find a definitive answer really. Hoping this will do it. I have a 9 EE Indy that fits great. Aside from my Indys, I normally wear 9.5 EE in a boot. What would that translate to in D sizing for a normal boot? I can't for the life of me find the answer to this one. Does 9.5 EE translate to 10 D? Or not really? I hope someone can help me a little. Thanks very much in advance.
I love Scotch and Soda, but I don't pay full price for anything. I can't justify their full price really. I have quite a few S&S pants. I love how they fit. I have three button up shirts and they fit quite well also. I do agree with comments above about their newer collections being very A&F. I am over check shirts etc.
Does anyone have the Chippewa Rodeo tan boot? I am keen on them as a replacement for my Katahdin, as I like the colour of the tan better than the dark leather. Anyone here got a pair they can show?
Quote: Originally Posted by marg ^^in general, rules are there for those who play it safe and/or don't have the style to pull it off. look at the italians - they will pair anything together and look perfect. fyi - i polish my 405s with a little allen edmonds walnut shoe cream and the boot's color is now much closer to the 403 without having the pullup effects. my boot wasn't very red, so i don't know if it would work for all 405s. it's tough to...
Quote: Originally Posted by marg it's not the lace that's the problem, it's the eyelet. Some part of the eyelet needs to be filed down, or it should be replaced. take them to a shop and they will fix it for you. Thank you Marg, it is my eyelts, not the speed hooks. And yes, I read about it, and was prepared for it Ahab, but I just think 8 wears and it begins fraying is still a little bit surprising. Thanks for your sympathy. My tears...
So I have been wearing my new Indys for exactly 8 days, and my laces are fraying already. I have heard how bad the laces are, but 8 days is a bit rediculous.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisGold 1. Give them a few wearings, for most people, they will feel much better. 2. Don't overuse leather softener, as it can also break down the toe box and heel counter. 3. Shoes don't always lace together, it depends upon the height of your instep, among other factors. If your shoe did lace all the way together at the beginning, what would happen if the leather stretched? 4. Under the leather insole is a layer of...
I am wearing my new 405s for the first time right now. Few intial thoughts: They are stiffer than I thought they would be. The top around the ankles is really stiff, and hurting me to wear in. Hoping it doesn't last long. The fit for my toes is perfect, but again, the rise doesn't quite match. I tried to do them up tight, and they don't come together as other boots do. I don't know if this is normal or not, but the laces actually get further apart, like there...
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