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Ill let them go for $25 if someone wants them. Please someone come along and want to buy them.
Soaked them for the first time 2 days ago. Shrank to a 34. Anyone willing to buy them off of me? I'm up to any good offers.
I have a Crate Narrow Straight if interested. I've worn them for a bit and haven't washed or soaked them yet. It's a great way to get selvage denim w/o waiting for it to be broken in. Pm me if interested.
Bump. Was $65, now $50.
I have two white BB Golden Fleece shirts in size 16x32. I've had one tailored narrower by a local tailor. I've lost the collar stays that come with them. PM me for pictures, I'm happy to send them right over. $90 for both or $50 each. Open to decent offers as well.
You need to seriously take better care of your shoes. My advice is invest in some shoe polish and some shoe trees. The people on here who buy shoes usually want them in really good condition. Also, no one wears or should wear square toe shoes...
I have a pair of size 36 Crate jeans. Been worn a good period of time, but still unwashed. I just recently pulled off the back leather patch since it came loose and saw no need for it since it didn't say anything. They're good quality selvage denim. PM me and I'll send over some pictures. Asking $50. Thanks. I'm really thinking about buying a pair of Roy or 3Sixteen jeans, since they look much better in quality.
Looks like the Barrie last.
I don't think those Prestons are shell. AE doesn't make the Preston in cordovan. A sole picture will make sure of it though.
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