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Quote: Originally Posted by Jovan That wouldn't happen at my wedding. That's what you think
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim How many times is Iammatt going to vote for himself? How can you tell who voted for who?
Thanks for voting and I am sorry if I made anybody uncomfortable. It is nice to see that the opinions are varied and each look has its fans.
I worked at a watch store just after college. Rolexes are the Lexus of watches. They have no style at all but are reliable and easy to understand for people who don't want to think about their decision. Sort of like mashed potatoes or babyfood, they are ready to swallow without chewing.
Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 Much like KitonBrioni.... Look, I happen to be somebody that you would probably refer to as a "Soul Brother" in polite company and worse with your friends. I would much rather be like me than a fat, classless teenager who is destined to grow up into a narrowminded backwards punk. Sorry for the rant, but this guy is too much.
Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 It would seem that way. You seem like some kind of weird racist. Are you?
OK, so I too the nominations and thought that we could have a poll. FWIW, I think that all of these guys are great dressers.
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta do a search. we've had this discussion before. and welcome to the style forum! Yes, but new blood brings new responses. I just want to get some idea of who the other members think are really good models for excellent dressing. Thanks for the welcome.
Long time lurker... I was hoping to get everybody's opinions on who the best dressed members are . I have been looking at the WAYW thread and am interested to find out the other members opinions. Best, not worst with a bunch of flames please. Top one, three, five... whatever. I will give my opinions as the responses pour in. Cheers.
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