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Perfect - you should meet up with this girl with a new look. Go in with the fuck it attitude, this is who you are, take it or leave it and watch it work magic. Remember, the only person who cares about your hairstyle is you, no one else.Btw, to add to the fuck it effect, pull the 5 o'clock shadow look into the equation.
Nah, it doesn't highlight anything. All it shows is that you're comfortable in your own skin to say fuck it. If it's going, it's going - can't fight nature or continue to swim against the tide. If you try to grow it out, that's when you're highlighting that you're going bald.Off the top of my head, think of Jason Statham or Bruce Willis as two awesomely cool dudes who said fuck it. Again, it's about how you carry and project yourself, not the hair you have on your head.
Nah, 5 is too long. I personally use a 1 - close cropped and tight. Just consider it a new experience - buzz your hair down and feel like a different person. And if you don't like it, what you have will grow back. But again, consider this a transformation which depending on your mentality could be a great thing.
Dude, no reason to be in grief over it. Buzz it down to almost nothing (think Jason Statham style), work out, put on a few pounds, and look swole. You'll realize at one point it doesn't matter if you have hair or not, it's all about how you project yourself. No reason to worry man.
Currently feeling bummed myself. Against my better judgment, I reactivated my facebook account after over a year off of it and immediately (and unintentionally) found 2 of my long term girlfriends both have new boyfriends now. It just opened up this pit in my gut, as I cared about both of them deeply, but both ended the relationship with me. One relationship I was engaged to her, and the other lasted for about a year. For some reason I just feel awful that they found...
Why do you disagree with the statement "pump our children full of whole grains?" If we did, I bet we'd have a lot less incidents of diabetes.
the damn scab on my shin that I reopen every time i deadlift
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Hair styling tips from the SS; and jewelry styling help from the Bajorans off of Star Trek. Gaijin, preeze? BRILLIANT
Usually do two to three compound movement workouts per week. Workout A: Barbell Benchpress 5x5 Deadlifts 3x5 Close grip bench press 3x8 or dips Workout B: Barbell overhead press 5x5 Squats 5x5 5 sets of chinups to failure Workout C: Rows and other miscellaneous activities
Just practice. These pretzels...are making me thirsty
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