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Yes, this is my first pair of leather-insoled shoes Thanks for all the replies! And no, my feet doesnt look like that
I just noticed that the insoles on a pair of shoes i bought in february has almost turned black where the pressure of my foot lies. In other words you can se a dark footprint inside the shoe. Is it normal that leather insoles turn dark after a short period of time? - I have never worn the shoes two days in a row, and i always use cedar tree shoe trees.
Dont you think they are casual enough for everyday wear? What would you suggest instead?
Hi I need to upgrade my wardrobe, and tomorrow i am going to buy a pair of Chuch Burwood brogues, in brown. I always wear clothes that fit me well, and are slim fit. I am going to wear the shoes as my everyday shoe, and therefore with a farily preppycasual attire. (rawdenim jeans, vneck, buttondown shirts, ect) What kind of pants would be nice with these shoes?
I would really aprecciate an answer
Hey, i really need your help guys! I remember seeing a Corneliani scarf that i remember was made of fur and wool? I really need a picture of that scarf! I really want to buy that scarf, but i dont know where to look, or just exactly what it looked like. I'll be forever grateful if anyone can help me
What do you guys think about those big fur hats? Must be warm!
Its starting to become really cold where i live. Were talking around -8Celsius. I am considering buying a hat to stop myself from freezing to death. What kind of hat would look good with a "dressy casual" attire? I usually wear an attire like this; peacoat, jeans, chelsea boots, scarf. All nicely slim fitted.
I need the shirts for casual-wear and work. So, the shirts will be mainly be worn with jeans and v-neck sweaters. So, a wide spread shirt collar will do the trick? I am not going to be wearing a tie for the most part. I dont think i have ever seen a wide spread collar shirt under a vneck before, without a tie. Will this look good?
I need a few new shirts now, but im not sure what kind of collar i should get on them. I want something thats kind of casual, but still dressy. Something that can be worn under v-neck sweaters. Obviously button-down collars would work, but what else? I have a quite skinny bodytype Thanks in advance
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