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If true, where would you recommend making such an order?
Hello: I purchased a second Glaser Deal bag to use on court days but I have found that my original Glaser (a 5") is large enough for my needs. I have only carried this one perhaps twice since owning it. It is essentially a new bag and is stunning. Chestnut hand-burnished exterior with contrasting natural rather lining. I believe I paid well over $1200 (and waited about 3 months) but will let it go for half what I paid. Please fee free to ask any questions. Thanks...
Sorry - I read the promo details and did not see anything prohibiting using it on AE. But, I called customer service as it was not working from my ipad and they manually applied it for me. I might have just gotten lucky...
Land's End is running their 40% any one item promotion. Works on AE's. Just copped a nice pair of walnut calf Strands,
Sorry, David. It has been sold. It was a nice bag, and well-made.
I also had a poor experinece with Classic Luggage. While I don't want to go into the details here, I won't be ordering from them again.
Used only once. Amazing bag but I have too many. Heirloom quality - really well made with top materials. Nothing but heavy duty waved canvas, thick leather, and Swiss Riri zips. No plastic buckles on this pack! You can search my username for some earlier pics I posted. Retail is $340. I am asking $260 OBO. Thanks.
Just copped the special ops backpack. Excellent workmanship - very pleased.
Having seen very few actual reviews of these bags, thought I'd post a few observations. I preface my comments by noting that I a have something of a bag fixation and so have owned quite a few from a number of makers. I am quite particular when it comes to quality - materials, stitching, etc. All of that said, I am very pleased and impressed with this bag. It is the special ops backpack in a very heavy waxed canvas (think Filson but in black). It has a military...
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