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For sale is a beautiful hand-grained and hand-colored handmade briefcase from Glaser Design. The bag is amazing (have gotten more complements on it than any item I own). I don't carry it, however, as it is larger than I need on a day to day basis. Comes with accessories, shoulder strap, etc. Has one or two very minor scuffs but is in 95% - to new condition. This bag would be well over $2k from the maker. Will add pics later today. Thanks for looking!
If true, where would you recommend making such an order?
Hello: I purchased a second Glaser Deal bag to use on court days but I have found that my original Glaser (a 5") is large enough for my needs. I have only carried this one perhaps twice since owning it. It is essentially a new bag and is stunning. Chestnut hand-burnished exterior with contrasting natural rather lining. I believe I paid well over $1200 (and waited about 3 months) but will let it go for half what I paid. Please fee free to ask any questions. Thanks...
Sorry - I read the promo details and did not see anything prohibiting using it on AE. But, I called customer service as it was not working from my ipad and they manually applied it for me. I might have just gotten lucky...
Land's End is running their 40% any one item promotion. Works on AE's. Just copped a nice pair of walnut calf Strands,
Sorry, David. It has been sold. It was a nice bag, and well-made.
I also had a poor experinece with Classic Luggage. While I don't want to go into the details here, I won't be ordering from them again.
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