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just keep them you said yourself that they're gonna get beat anyway
I just want to get the funds to be able to buy an earlier spot is all. Lots of people seem to be losing hope and giving up despite having already waited for over a year and it seems like such a waste to people like me who still have such a long way to go. If y'all don't have it in you to wait a few more months, then I'd love to alleviate the burden and take an early spot off one of your hands (just need somebody to buy my February spots off of me is all lol).
300+ posts and not a single one from Drew? I got so excited when I saw the activity jump like it did! - Anyway, I have two spots up for sale: - 2/13/2014 (payment received date) - black lamb A2 w/ bemberg @ $795 - 2/13/2014 (payment received date) - medium whiskey calf MDR w/ bemberg @ $885 Both orders are of course still changeable to whatever you want.
nah i was referring to lamb lapels in general, band collar or not (though i wasn't picturing the band collar version when i wrote up what i did)
these are just my dumb opinions, and considering that i'm not as into fashunz as these other guys are i'm probably overlooking a lot of things due to my limited perspective, but i've always thought that riders looked better with structureso, in reference to your quilted DR, i think that it should be in calf since calf won't let the lapels flap around like i imagine the lamb does (but i've read that toj lamb has a fair bit of structure to it as well, so i'm not sure)a rider...
I've always thought that this looked cool:http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=21734
so i just bought a 9/25 spot and have effectively jumped the queue! i'm guessing that i'll get my jacket by december going by the recent 15-month trend my original orders were paid for on 2/13, which i'm guessing would've put me at a may 2015 delivery (yikes!), so i'm glad i'll at least be able to get two semesters of wear out of a jacket as opposed to only one (should be graduating in the fall of 2015) feels good to be able to say that i'm at 55 weeks, though i...
tbs with 20% off due to vat exclusion + 20% off code
http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=9719 looks pretty good imo
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