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riders always look better with more structure to them (meaning calf) imo
was hoping somebody could've answered thispreferably on the cheap side too
just stick with the MDR change to gunmetal tho
why do you care so much? be more pedantic
that oxblood cm is too good
[[SPOILER]] maybe it's just me, but i think the suede patch, though a relatively small detail, transforms the jacket into a "dad jacket" but maybe i just haven't seen the light yet or whatever [[SPOILER]] when did you order?
anybody else worried that despite how carefully you took your measurements and how specific you were in telling charly how you wanted it to fit that your jacket(s) is still gonna fit badly somehow? [12+ month wait] + [being out $1600+] = a real bad time
been thinking about changing my a2 order from brown to black lamb recently thoughts? currently have the placket on it but no suede patch if that makes a difference edit: also, is it just me or does the brown lamb come in different shades between an almost black brown and a brown brown? is it really just a matter of the lighting?
is your pair unworn?
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