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wasn't able to get the all-white sf-af1's really wanted them would've looked soooo cool beat up and all
the falcon calf is matte and kinda soft actually (especially after only a few wears) the lamb has more sheen to it (whereas with toj, it was the other way around) though, if you really want the old calf, i *think* that it might be available on request? swear i remember reading that a long time ago
khaki is its own color, though some sites might have the light tan ones listed under "khaki" or "sand" or whatever the light tan ones' color code is 2018
anybody else really digging these? they released today in asia (12/01) stateside release is supposed to be 12/08 don't know about other regions
man, i'm seriously considering ordering another dr3 just for the snapped belt loops (the detail means that much to me)
anybody else not put any protectant of any kind on their chelseas?
omg, belt loops with snaps?! practically begged for that back when i ordered my own dr3 is it possible to have my jacket modified, or would i have to order an entirely new jacket?
any recommendations for a bleached/light wash denim jacket?
my chelseas fit slimmer than my achilles low in my experience (so much so that my outer toes were hurting by the time i took them off when i wore them out for the first time; didn't have this problem with the lows)they're both size 40there was an interesting point brought up a while ago that the sizing between models might be different in different sizesfor example, while my chelseas in a 40 might be slimmer than my lows in a 40, a 43 in chelseas might have the same (or...
http://www.alphaindustries.com/ 30% off site wide + free shipping with "BlackFri30" ebates is also at 5% last i checked
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