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pics? wanna see what it looks like after three years of wear
is trying them on possible at all? also depends on the fit you're going for
CPs are a size large for most people maybe you just have wide feet? idk
that's incongruent
2013 dr's ordered later than the spot i bought going into production while mine appears idle oh how this pains the kokoro
whether a jacket is veiny or not isn't a problem for me, but i'd hope that it'd be uniform throughout the entire jacket
[[SPOILER]] ^ that's the difference between me requesting a "stock" 46 and then my recommended specs after i finally got around to measuring myself (for an mdr and then a 2013 dr respectively)though i guess the disparities are more due to me requesting a 46 when i'm more of a 44
"stock" sizes for full leathers don't really exist anymore, though (this according to charly):
are you sure that you want combat boots from cp? i've always thought that their use of a crepe sole was always out of character for that kind of boot (even if it's only a fashion boot) but i'm p ignorant, so maybe i'm missing something?
does anybody do a high-end copy of the vans authentic?
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