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cyc, please do shut up you're the epitome of a deluded fanboy can't believe you suggested that we all just go get a designer leather or whatever instead, too - like, is that intentional dense-ness on your part or what? big draw of toj is the price - everybody knows this - and we aren't all rich or willing enough to blow $2k+ on a single jacket not to mention that toj leathers are all very... "standard" (don't know if that's the right word or not); whenever I look at...
they're not really alike, but the game royal/pink flash ones could be an alternative if you're looking for a uniform coloration throughout saw somebody wearing them in person and they looked really nice imo there's also supposed to be a light grayish pair that's coming out soon (I think? I haven't been keeping up; might've been released already)
pair on the right are multicolor flyknit racers
stock sizes don't exist size chart on the tumblr is outdated just make sure to take good measurements of yourself and specify exactly how you want it to fit (if you like ironknochs' fit so much, just straight up link Charly to it) also make sure to trust him and only modify something if you're 110% confident in what you're doing
anybody know whether momotaro will be releasing more 0305 cuts ('tight tapered')? would love a pair with battle stripes sewn into the inside of the pocket or something and a heftier leather patch, too
kunk wears like a size 15 or something so that's probably why he was able to find a pair going for that low
difference is definitely noticeable
I hate when people suggest that Drew hire new people to make jackets I want ensured quality, tried and true if it means waiting a few more months then so be it
actually I think it'd be cool if a lot of people started opening up disputes and canceling their orders since all that'd mean is that I get my own jackets sooner yay
Hey Jay, will you guys be getting any more Momotaro in the tight tapered cut any time soon? I've been eyeing the 18 oz. version, but was kinda hoping for a leather patch and maybe some battle stripes (preferably the kind sewn into the inside of the pocket so that they fade into view - would be so cool!).
New Posts  All Forums: