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eastbay having an AJ restock http://solecollector.com/news/massive-eastbay-air-jordan-restock-tomorrow/ edit: nvm, almost all of the ones worth getting are only in big sizes
Dumb question, but a 38 in Rag & Bone is an X-Small or just Small?
Which pair do you guys think looks better? I'm leaning towards the all-white, but maybe they benefit from slight black accents? [[SPOILER]] And how do FR2s fit?
[[SPOILER]] if they're that cheap just buy them geez
is the student discount applicable online?
Suggestions for a cream-colored oversized cardigan or robe?
or just size up
how do the free run 2's fit? i wear the same size in trainers, lunar1+, and racers fwiwand do you guys see that all-white cw selling out relatively soon or just sitting for a while?
Anybody know where one can get an Adidas tracktop with the below's texture and ribbing? [[SPOILER]]
Does this site not work on mobile (Safari through iPhone) anymore? Or is it just me who's having problems?
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