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to think that the original b/w racer sat until they hit clearance on ndc
actually nahi would've just measured myself and asked you guys about your thoughts sooner
we're still going through july orders, huh god knows when a february '14 order will arrive
how much would a VNDS pair of white trainers go for? how about VNDS black/white racers with the white tongue?
what exactly is "gabardine" cotton?
A guy did PM me about a varsity spot this morning.My two orders are for full leathers, but I was thinking that you two could together buy one spot off of me and split the order from there and it'd all work out.
I have spots from mid-February 2014 if anybody's interested...
so charly got back to me with the measurements for my 2013 DR and he suggested a 16.7" shoulder (I have a body measured 16.75" shoulder) should the shoulders (on a calf jacket especially) be so dead-on? i requested a slim fit with enough room underneath to wear a lightweight sweater
do you guys think that the heat tech turtleneck could be worn as a stand-alone sweater? or does it look too much like underwear?
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