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why not just get these: http://tres-bien.com/common-projects/original-achilles-low-pink-1-1-1-1
it's a women's release? noooo
will definitely be buying the pure platinums/earth tones/whatever name they're going by tomorrow wish they were more white-based though
do the derby shines fit long for anybody else? i have a little over two thumbs' width of space from the tip of my big toe to the tip of the shoe went with the same size i take in achilles low also, contrary to a post i made a while ago, theses actually fit less narrow than the achilles low ime (though not enough to where i think i could've sized down) my feet must've been swollen or something the first time i tried them on also also, to echo what's already been said...
i kinda regret paying full retail for the pendleton sfb's they seem to be sitting everywhere probably could've waited and gotten them on a good discount
if you live outside of europe, tres-bien takes off 20% he might've used a discount code too
my achilles lows still squeak after three full days of wear on the left shoe, too, i squeeze out an audible push of air on every other step i take (i think due to my high arch or something)
went ahead and bought them off of notre-shop, thanks i hope that was the best price (i know that end would've been a little cheaper, but don't wanna wait until tomorrow) hope that i get a pair with a minimal amount of red went with my usual size in nike (8.5), since i've been burned so many times venturing out of my typical size
are those gonna be hard to get?
do the hender scheme jordan iv's not come in a size 3? i'm a us 8, so i'm assuming that that's what i'd need
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