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guys, drew used to do the sizing himself iirc he's also the one who supplied the sizing formulas (something like multiplying by 1.0x for a slim fit, 1.0y for a slouchier fit, etc.) for charly to use too (iirc), not to discredit charly's work or anything somebody correct me if i'm wrong
buy mine!mid-february 2014 order
so i'm guessing that those piles of jackets were actually organized chronologically by date of order and production (roughly at least, anyway) and that drew's gonna approach sending them out as such was hoping for more randomized send-outs (or at least send-outs based on the order of the recent e-mails we sent out)
you could always buy my february '14 order~
so when/how will you be unfreezing your paypal account and be able to disburse refunds?
looks pretty tame for 6 months... how often did you wear them?
Well, I just sent the e-mail. Here's to hoping that some of those jackets are mine~
Hey Drew, I will be putting this information both here on this forum and in a subsequent, more detailed e-mail to the TOJ Gmail account (so please respond!): - My name is "Eugene K." - My e-mail address starts with an "r" (all lowercase letters) and is just my last name in Japanese backwards (for example, "Tanaka" would become "Kanata", not "Akanat"; it goes by consonant + vowel). I am waiting on 3 orders and 1 refund: - Ordered on 2/13/2014 ($885): medium whiskey calf...
the official mmm online boutique does a full 50% off during christmas season if you can wait
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