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[[SPOILER]] the wrinkling on that poor middle jacket ;_;but in all seriousness:
so how is everybody doing in trying to get the chicago 1s? i've been lurking NT, but the awful syntax in every third post and reading about people going for multiple pairs is annoying have entered five raffles so far, but i don't have much hope
why can't Drew just cut into his revenue/pay out of his own pocket for somebody else to itemize and ship the jackets out?
why not just wear what you like?
oooooh, "iron" man, i'm such a scrub though, cause i think i've only ever ironed anything once i'll try wearing it out and see if that gets them to flatten out naturally (not exactly eager to risk ruining the jacket atm, even if ironing clothing is braindead easy; and would it even be possible to iron so closely to the buttons?)
the pockets are fine (?) how/where do i go to get it steamed though? edit: i will say, though, that it's kind of annoying that the top and middle buttons have small chips in them, revealing the silver underneath the black paint (this is visible in a previous picture and in the one below) those wrinkles in particular are stubborn barely flatten out even when i try to pull them flat am i just being obsessive/pedantic?
some of my jacket's wrinkles, particularly in the midsection (though of course the shadow is exaggerating it) seem really set in will simply just wearing it get them to flatten out?
actually, after looking through the gallery again, it seems like a lot of other people's toj0s fit kind of loosely in the sleeves as well, so i'm assuming that that's how they're "supposed" to fit (i guess i just had selective memory regarding "hugging the wearer's arms")would love to be able to try on a 44 to compare, though, if i can somehow ever get the chance (bay area sf crew, holla at yo boooooi)and regarding the wool, yeah, mine is definitely twill (?) and not...
dude whose spot i bought ordered on 8/01/2013 and he requested a refund on 11/04/2014 i bought his spot on 2/05/2015 and got my size and color confirmed with charly on 2/18/2015
yaaaay [[SPOILER]] some thoughts/impressions:- above two photos were taken with an iphone 5 using the "chrome" filter (since it makes the jacket look cooler; i figure that if i want to take a true-to-life picture(s), i'll just do it with the dslr)- package was an ems box, but the jacket itself was unfortunately folded up kind of crudely and was just put in the box naked (i.e. not wrapped up or anything; as a result, there are a lot of cardboard fibers and dust and whatever...
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