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Can anybody comment on what these look like in person? Like, how close are they to the stock photos? http://uscheckout.apc.fr/browse.cfm/4,4565.html?nav=men
extra 20% off clearance with "OWNIT" until 3/04 http://www.nike.com
still butthurt over not being able to get a 3/4ths placket on my A-2 anybody else feel the same way? what with people getting lapels with no buttons on their DRs, or non-zipped pockets, seems like small customizations shouldn't be a problem
you just have to go with what feels and looks best to you there's no objectivity to the sizing down "rule" just note that while the waist will stretch, the legs (thighs and calves) will only do so negligibly, so it's best to size with how your legs feel from the get-go (since how they feel even after the jeans break in will be pretty similar) if you're worried about the waist stretching out too much, wear a belt
How is buying and returning from the official APC site? I remember reading earlier in this thread (I think?) that their customer service team is small and that somebody had trouble getting their order actually shipped out or something like that.
it just occurred to me that it's already been over a year now since my original mid-february orders for an a-2 and mdr (latter still awaiting refund) to think that we're not even through august orders yet ugh
seeing 50+ new posts got me so excited v_v
dying to see what the medium whiskey calf looks like
was this that dumb a question lol
what happened to that vanson/thurston/styleforum dr?
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