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they're not selling spots through themselvespeople can still buy/sell spots independently of toj
It's only been two weeks for me (waiting on a refund), but the first e-mail of mine that Charly didn't respond to (in the entirety of our correspondence) was the one I sent two days ago regarding an update on it.Refund is for two full leather spots and I actually really need at least some of the money at the moment. [[SPOILER]]
don't buy something if selling it is in the back of your mind just commit
all white innevas would be too good
what's the difference between the free inneva woven and the free inneva woven SP?
I feel like it'd be something that they'd be willing to fix, but idk if you'd want to wait for however long it'd take for the jacket to be sent back to you
has it come to where people are now getting butthurt in others' steads
why did you soak them before wearing them? they were already sanforized and your soaking them is probably why they were hard to put on (due to the partial shrinkage) not only that but you probably lost a bit of indigo too
not a single rip or tear
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