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***SOLD*** Up for sale is a TOJ0 2013 in a stock size 46 in black/black from the one and only brand. I am selling it because it is unfortunately slightly too big on me. It is completely brand new and has only ever been tried on briefly indoors. The "house special" black lamb on the sleeves is, of course, "buttery" soft as well. Don't know what else to say about it since the reputation of the brand's product (can't speak for the owner and his current situation...
i know i'm biased towards jackets that are more cropped, but even despite that i think that a lot of the jackets in the gallery are way too long in the frontsee a lot of dudes whose jackets are as long as or almost as long as their sleeves, for instancebombers should end right at where the bottom of the belt is or a little lower than that imo (assuming you wear your pants/jeans high and fitted)willy's a-2 had a four inch difference between its front and sleeve lengths and...
they have a drop crotch, though, don't they?
anybody know of any minimalist sweatpants that fit like the tech fleece pants? as in something with a nice slim/skinny fit throughout (no dramatic tapering that starts at the knee or something like that, for instance) and no diaper butt
so i just received some washed apc's in the mail and i noticed that there's a small hole/gap along the selvage on one side of the jeans: is that something i should worry about? cosmetically speaking it does bother me a little, but i'm more concerned over the hole/gap getting bigger over time it's as if whoever/whatever was stitching them accidentally skipped a half-inch or so it is towards the lower end of the seam, and it ends up in the portion of the jeans that i...
Do the sleeves being leather not matter at all, though? I figured that they'd be able to give a little. I actually currently have a 46 in my hands, but it's slightly too big in the chest.
How is selling on Grailed? Do they charge any fees or anything like that? Is it pretty straight forward?
you should be good, yeah (the $200 limit thing isn't an end-specific thing, either)
So I have a ~16.7" shoulder (body measurement) and a size 44 TOJ0 has a 16" shoulder - would that be manageable at all? The most I'd wear underneath would just be a button-up. And does anybody know what size Drew took in his own jackets? He claimed that he was 5'8 and 125 lbs. (coincidentally my own exact height and weight) back when he was active on here.
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