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does tres bien usually do a labor day promo?
so i recently got the chance to try on a pair of chelseas and i noticed that they fit noticeably narrower than my achilles low in the same size (40) it wasn't uncomfortably so or painful or anything, but then again i didn't have the opportunity to walk in them for an entire day the length was perfect (if not a smidge too long actually), and i could tell that the heel would've started slipping had i sized up (though maybe i should've tried on a 41, anyway) anyway, will...
has anybody ordered anything in whiskey or walnut lamb? care to share pics if so?
lol, so sizing for the derby shines seems to be all over the place fortunately, my local nordstroms had them on display last time i checked, though i don't know whether they'd have the 40 or 41 i'd need to try on my achilles low in 40 fits snug (don't know my brannock size, but i'm pretty sure i'm a tts us 8), so based off of that, which size would you guys recommend if i could only go with one? also, i've never really owned a formal-ish pair of shoes before (just...
anybody here own a pair of the derby shines at all? care to share your thoughts/experiences? they've been growing on me and i want to buy a pair, but can a "better" pair of derbies be had for a similar price from another brand(s)? what's the lowest you guys have seen them go for by the way, and how did you size them relative to your achilles low size?
how long do cp's crepe soles last assuming regular wear?
does anybody else own a pair of the black gabardine pns? i've worn mine twice now, and while the fit is fine and all, i've noticed that the rise feels noticeably shorter than on the other pairs of pns i have whereas on my stonewashed pns my ballsack rests comfortably on top of the crotch seam, on my gabardine pair it's forced down the left side of my pants leg it isn't too bad when standing/walking, but it's uncomfortable when sitting down and i'm unsure if sizing up...
so my raw pns in a 26 arrived today, and while the fit through the leg is good, the top block is tight i can only button up the first two buttons, and when i tried walking around, i could feel a lot of tension in the top definitely a different feel when compared to the three pairs of stonewashed pns i have (the bleached pair from a few seasons back, the "permanent collection" light blue stonewashed pair, and the faded black stonewashed pair from a season or two ago) in...
was actually able to wear my v2 out for the first time today and the armholes are really noticeably high, though i guess i got used to it by the end of the day i'm pretty sure that it has to do with how the jacket is designed rather than its measurements, since my a-2 has the same sleeve/arm measurements but doesn't have the same problem but yeah, thought i'd mention it again for any prospective buyers out there really lovely jacket otherwise
the tumbled leather on the black/red 1s looks so dumb imo i'm not a "texture" guy, though, so that's probably why
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