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just lurk the NT thread for the shoe and see if anybody mentions any sites you can pre-order off of (assuming you don't mind paying above retail)
Selling the size 41 Vintage Highs that didn't work out for me. See sig.
Up for sale is a beautiful pair of Common Projects Original Vintage Highs in a size 41 (US 8). As you can see in the photos, everything is included including the box, dust bag, and spare laces. This model in this size, as far as I'm aware, is very hard to come by as all of the online stockists I've checked are out of stock, so don't eye them for too long or else they might disappear! Aside from trying them on on a carpeted floor, they have never been worn. I've also...
Anybody?I've found one other place in Lane Crawford, but they're gonna charge me duties and whatever else, too.
but he did... ?or were you being sarcastic?
Cross-posting: [[SPOILER]]
Who makes a nice light blue jean (preferably selvage) in a skinny fit? Something like this shade: [[SPOILER]] I've been eyeing this:http://uscheckout.apc.fr/browse.cfm/4,4565.html?nav=menFortunately APC makes smaller sizes due to a lot of their jeans being unisex (a lot of brands aren't skinny enough sometimes; I wear a 26 in PS for reference), and they're selvage too, but the shade isn't the exact shade I'm looking for.
how slouchy can you make them?do you have a pic with it on by any chance?
Does anybody else carry this jacket in a small other than End?
gats are cheaper at 50% off from the boutique than from tbs at 20% off for vat + 25% off coupon, right?
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