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anyone have any advice for how i could slightly widen the toe area on a pair of 6" timberlands? they're just a little too narrow for my liking, even with the thinnest socks i have
hey, i wear the same size in nike as you and wear a 40 in the original vintage highsas i mentioned in a previous post, cp's are just gonna fit long due to the nature of their designand these things are made with a calf leather, aren't they? if they feel painfully tight now, then they probably won't ever stretch out to where they're comfortable
[[SPOILER]] but anyway, if i could just get a few more comments on where the measuring point on my shoulder is supposed to be, that'd be greeeeeatreally, really appreciate the two dudes who commented already (just want more to weigh in for confidence's sake is all)
forgot to give an update to the post below, but it's been well over 45 days and i never heard back from my credit card company or paypal regarding the dispute i filed. not that anybody doubts it, but drew really doesn't seem to care if he's willing to let almost $2k be taken back from his account without trying to fight it at all.i'm very thankful for having been able to get my money back on two of my orders, but unfortunately i'm still out a third full leather's worth...
i'm 125 lbs. @ 5'8, so i guess i'm skinny, yeah (is that considered "excruciatingly" thin, though? i've never weighed over 130 in my entire life, so i have like no reference for this type of thing)i took that pic with my phone, so maybe the angle is making my shoulder look weird?anyway, i found the old pic i used in the other thread and re-edited it a bit (the posture is more natural and the pic was taken front-on): [[SPOILER]] so would i be measuring from the orange...
does anybody know whether this grey pair of petit standards is selvedge or not? it kinda looks like it in the second pic, but i can't tell for sure http://usonline.apc.fr/men/petit-standard-cobdc-m09002#Grey&6
[[SPOILER]] nvm, i'm an idiot. i only ever browsed acne's site on mobile until today where i saw their explanations on the desktop site.with that said, which brand would you guys recommend for a skinny black jean - acne or nudie? or are there better brands out there (for under $300)?preferably, i would've really liked a raw, selvedge jean in black, but i'm too skinny even for most brands' smallest sizes (for reference, i wear a 26 in petit standards for a skinny fit; i'm...
sorry, meant to add that edit as a general question not specifically directed towards youi'm gonna measure myself soon and wanted to make sure that i'm measuring my shoulders correctlyhere's a pic of my shoulder: [[SPOILER]] am i supposed to be measuring from the black line, the blue one, or the purple one to its opposite end on my other shoulder? or are none of those correct?i've asked this before in the toj thread, and i'm pretty sure that it's supposed to be from the...
how's the thickness of the leather? and did you go mtm? also, is the "bony point" of your shoulder basically where your collarbone ends?
was it ever noted whether that's a stock size or mtm?
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