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"20NOW" for 20% off at american apparel (includes items on sale, which they usually don't) http://store.americanapparel.net "PUMPED" for 25% clearance at nike http://www.nike.com
just to double-check, those of us americans who funded our paypal transactions with our checking accounts can't do anything?
red and white varsity mmmm
spilled some vodka on my leather wallet (tanner goods classic bifold in natural) - is there anything i should or can do to help alleviate the smell and staining, or do i just write it off as 'character'?
can you comment on the condition you received it in, e.g. was it folded neatly, was it wrapped in something, was it linty, etc.?
is that olive calf?
anybody else hear about how the chicago 1s appeared on the snkrs app yesterday? they're supposed to release in a week according to what it said
holy fuck, since being kicked out of his partnership with libertine, what else does drew have to do other than toj? shit's going so fucking slowly
what jeans are those?
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