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rear-facing zippers and striped ribbing on the varsities would be lovely options
so apparently you get 5% off if you pay via cash/money order/check - is there any reason as to why somebody wouldn't go this route (assuming you have the money)?
got myself and two friends (and maybe another two) to enter still feel like it's gonna be impossible considering how popular 8.5 is
with just paypal, or did you call your credit card company too?
what's the length difference between the front and the sleeves? looks like a good amount of crop
anybody get an a-2 with a full placket yet? would love to see how it looks also, are jackets coming out with the new logo now? i might place an order for a varsity soon
oh wow so in the process of filling out that petition form, since i wanted to add some of my own personal paypal details to it, i ended up finding out that i actually funded my transaction with my visa card (could've swore i did it with my checking account) a small glimmer of hope! will finally get off my butt and call them this week
i know this is gonna make me come off as a bitch, but would it be possible for you guys to offer an indefinite amount of time for the discount? for those of us who have too much tied up in toj to be able to buy other leathers atmi love that your guys' a-2 has a full placket and i'm sure the belted dr is gonna look great as well, but i (and many others, i'm sure) just can't afford them right now
i have a pair of raw ps and washed pns in the same size, and they fit pretty similarly what's great about the pns, though, is the higher rise (the ps crush my balls)
what makes rc sf-approved? i've seen the brand mentioned lots of times
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