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blacked out ("cyber monday") aj1s came in today: [[SPOILER]] anybody else think they're cool-looking? really like their simplicityon another note, still undecided on whether i want to get the maroon 6s
do you have pics of the wool colors (especially the red?) and will white-striped ribbing only be available with black and navy?
anybody have recommendations for a thick no-show sock? the cheaper the better
got a temporary credit in the amount i paid to toj posted to my credit card today will have to wait 45+ days for it to clear and be official/permanent/etc. so that drew has time to prove his case against my dispute, but fortunately the money is actually usable until then i bank with wells fargo and have a visa credit card through them for reference paid back in mid-february 2014, and i was actually only five days (i think that's what the csr said) away from having...
now that the belt and belt loops are optional, do you guys think it's dumb to order a dr3 with the belt but only because you want the loops (and don't intend on wearing the actual belt)? like how most people wore their 2013 dr's i preferred the 2013 dr's snaps, though
you gotta get the original buyer to file a dispute
so the old calf is still available on request, right? can anybody who's handled both the old and new calf comment on their differences and which one they prefer?
Would anyone be interested in my stock 45 V1 (never worn out; only tried on)? Not 100% sure on whether I want to sell it or not yet, but I could actually use the money right now. It would also be cheaper than what it's offered at normally since I got the 15% TOJ victim discount + another 5% off for paying by paper check. PM me if interested.
if that's really true, then that means that i should've filed two months earlier than i actually didit's been a month since i filed a dispute with wells fargo/visa and i haven't heard from them since (though they said that it could take up to 60 days to investigate; i'm gonna call them about the status of my dispute on friday)really hope the 540 days thing isn't applicable in my case, and if it is, then i don't know why the rep i spoke to even went ahead with filing my...
New Posts  All Forums: