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spilled some vodka on my leather wallet (tanner goods classic bifold in natural) - is there anything i should or can do to help alleviate the smell and staining, or do i just write it off as 'character'?
can you comment on the condition you received it in, e.g. was it folded neatly, was it wrapped in something, was it linty, etc.?
is that olive calf?
anybody else hear about how the chicago 1s appeared on the snkrs app yesterday? they're supposed to release in a week according to what it said
holy fuck, since being kicked out of his partnership with libertine, what else does drew have to do other than toj? shit's going so fucking slowly
what jeans are those?
25% off everything on american apparel with "secret" http://store.americanapparel.net
i feel like i've never seen the boot in wheat (the standard color) ever go on sale, though, and it's always excluded from promotional discountsthough admittedly i haven't looked into every single retailer that carries them
lmao, i don't sympathize with drew at allit's just that i legitimately want the exact jackets i paid fornobody else who i've seen does the dr or a-2 like toj does (not to mention at the toj price too)and like the other guy mentioned, i actually paid through my checking account too, so it's not like i can do anything (?) anyway
can't speak for everybody obviously, but even despite all of the bullshit i actually still want my jackets (stupid, i know) which is why i'm hesitant to file chargebacks it'd be one thing if charly+dan's or la guy's ventures were already up and running, but i feel like there's no alternative to toj atm, so i don't even know what i'd do with my money if i got it back since i've been so set on having these leather jackets for such a long time now
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