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resell prices aren't bad for them if you really need them
some say to size down .5, but when in doubt just go with your usual nike size that's what i'd do
are they really the exact same? like, the shape and everything? just the label on the insole is the only difference?
just return them they're widely available and nobody's gonna buy them off of you unless you heavily discount them
it sounds like it might work out then
mmm gats are tts (they come in half-sizes too) retros have a roomier toebox than achilles, but not enough to warrant sizing down
do women's achilles lows also run a size big? and are they as easy to find on sale as the men's version is? thinking of buying a pair for a friend
nah, they're samples or leaked pairs or whatever hate that the leather is tumbled again like with the banneds, but not enough to not try to get a pair
at this point, you should just buy some trainersyou're gonna injure your feet
Get the best of both worlds with this DR3 and A2 bundle from the one and only brand, Falcon Garments. These jackets are both MTM, but are both pretty close to a stock size 44 (please refer to the attached photos). DR3: Measurements: - shoulders: 16.3" - chest (pit-to-pit): 18.3" - waist: 17.3" - body length, front: 19.5" - body length, back: 21.5" - sleeve length, from shoulder: 23.0" - sleeve width @ pit: 6.5" - sleeve width @ elbow: 5.8" - sleeve width @ cuff:...
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