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is jj really notorious for something lol? wj4, how do you best suggest getting ready for ndc btw? I'm really jiving for the black/red 1s but have never been able to get something from off of there (though I haven't tried since they incorporated that picture questionnaire thing)
so is anybody gonna try out soleheaven? a little over an hour from now
oh has it been confirmed that eastbay will only be doin the 1s in large sizes? everything I've read is unspecific as to which pairs will be fsr and which wont nvm according to complex article only infrared 6 and powder 3 will be fsr
so that makes ndc, soleheaven, and eastbay as far as the black/red 1 goes is that it?
if you tell them maybe they'll sympathize with your situation (and push a revised order to the front of the queue or something and ship it asap) I'm not usually the entitled type but you waited a long time for it and shouldn't have to stand for something that isn't exact to what you ordered
the inseams are like 2 inches shorter than they used to be, too, in the smaller sizes
reminds of that dude whose daypack's toj logo was upside-down, that suede rider that came with gunmetal instead of silver zippers, and most recently that ma-1 that came with lengths an inch or something shorter than they were supposed to beif you haven't already contact them
why are there so many fits pics with sleeves that are too short in the gallery? it seems like a lot of people are only measuring past the wrist bone and not all the way to where the hand actually widens... alternatively, maybe their jackets' shoulders are too short which would cause the sleeves to ride up? maybe they gained weight? what else could it be and why????
a pair of just the royal side with a white tongue and laces would've been cool
is it only ndc that does those picture puzzle things for releases? if so, is it even worth bothering waking up at 5?
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