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out there question but how many of you guys factored in your faces when deciding on which jacket you wanted?
hey, was thinking of making the jump from apc to momotaro, but a few questions: - asked this in another thread, but how much does the pink inseam thread and selvage thread stand out in person? - how does momotaro stack up to other japanese brands like flat head, japan blue, etc.? - anybody have fit pics of the new-ish 'tight tapered' cut (model 0305 I think it is)? I've only been able to find a few pics...
I think it's optional only with black leather
were the regular white mmm gats restocked in smaller sizes before they sold out on tbs?
thinking about getting a pair of momotaros but I'm unsure of the pink inseam thread - how much does it actually stand out in person?
noticed that your jacket is on salehave you contacted them at all yet? do you have like less than a week before you have to leave for the army or something?
I know that I've asked my fair share of dumb questions throughout my time here, but man does this thread suck now why don't y'all just pm each other
http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=14524just search "blue lamb site:toj-gallery.com" on googlelatter part restricts searches to just the gallery
oh c'mon man I don't need to have handled one to know that one is tough and one is softer and only the lamb will become matte in areas of high wear? c'mon dude it's common sense anything with sheen (e.g. the calf) will start to matte in areas of stress as well (unless you've personally handled a calf toj with age and can attest otherwise?) I think at the end of the day it's just (primarily) a matter of whether you want a sturdier jacket or a soft one seemed althanis...
I'm assuming you started off with ns cause of your build, right?why are you venturing off to the other cuts if they might not flatter your body as well?
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