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did you try the ps in a 30 as well?
i wear the raw ps and washed pns in the same size for similar fits
i know that my pair was missing the top button, but i couldn't discern my tts pns being too big in the waist at all like i said in my other post, the fit was pretty spot on if you're looking for that coveted apc slim fit have you tried a pair of tts pns on?
managed to get through on the blacked out racers (in my incredibly popular 8.5 no less) only impulsively decided to get them just last night, but it'll at least alleviate some of the butthurt from not being able to get the 1s
so i just got in a pair of raw pns in a 27 (tbs sent me a pair with the top button missing, oh noes; second time they've messed up on an order for me ) i posted a while earlier about trying on a 26, and while the legs were skinny (the look i was going for), the top block was just way too tight it felt like i was gonna burst a seam or something, and i couldn't even do the top two buttons the 27s, however, fit very noticeably looser throughout the entire leg (amazing...
@OccultaVexillum hey, thanks! you also own the derby shines, right? mine fit slimmer than even my achilles and i feel it on my right foot's pinky toe especially do they just need to be broken in? did yours stretch out to where they're comfortable, or will they always be slightly tight? unfortunately, they're longer than by a thumb's width already, so i don't think i could go a size up @ike_hiking_boots the derbies?
x-post from the cp thread: [[SPOILER]]
finally got my two new acquisitions in hand, but there are two things i noticed: [[SPOILER]] there's a small split in the welt (i think that's what it's called?) of my right chelsea bootthere's an even smaller one on the left boot, too, in the same areais this something i should pay any attention to at all? like, it's not gonna get worse over time, is it? that the splits are in the same area on both boots makes me think that it just comes with the manufacturing process,...
why did it take 20 minutes to put on and take off? how uncomfortable are they?
do you guys recommend shoe trees for the derby shine? or is the stuffed paper good enough (for maintaining structure or whatever it is shoe trees are meant for; i always air my shoes out for a day after they're worn, too)? and do you guys recommend a suede protector for the chelseas, or are they okay to rock as they are (not too worried about keeping them super pristine)? i'm kinda hesitant to treat them with a protector since i feel like it'd dampen the color and affect...
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