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hey, guys, so below is the extent of the heel drag on my pair of 875s: [[SPOILER]] is it okay for the drag to reach all of the way to the top brown layer of the sole (sorry, don't know the technical term; from what i see, there are three layers)? like, is that part of the sole replaced during the resoling process?or would damage to that top layer be irreparable and best to be avoided?
a size 40 in what? achilles low?
so i received my "revised" a2 a few days ago (if anybody remembers when i was talking about ordering another one just to change the lengths), and i noticed that the placket goes all of the way to the bottom of the jacket now unlike before (compare how it is on the ma-1 vs. the a2): [[SPOILER]] unfortunately, they missed a detail that i requested, so it's going to have to be sent back, but i guess it kind of works out since i prefer the older placket length and will be...
Up for sale is this lovely A2 from the one and only brand, Falcon Garments. This jacket is MTM, but is pretty close to a stock size 44 (please refer to the attached stock sizing chart). --- Measurements: shoulders: 16.3" chest (pit-to-pit): 18.8" waist: 17.5" body length, front: 21.5" body length, back: ? (I changed Charly's initial suggested front length, which consequently changed the back length, but I don't know what the exact measurement is.) sleeve length, from...
how specific are you when you request for stuff like a shorter belt or loops closer to the main zipper?and how much did you shorten the lengths by compared to the previous one?
@MickeyPunch nice jacket! how much crop did you go for exactly? and would you say the old calf is at least decently wearable from the get-go? or do you think it's gonna be a while before it really breaks in and becomes comfortable? if you could re-order, would you stick with it? also, i've noticed that i'm like the only one who's ever brought up pencil marks am i just that petty/nitpicky/etc. (wouldn't surprise me tbh), or are you guys just not finding any on your...
could we get a new colorway of the v2? specifically a dark red body, off-white/cream sleeves, and matching striped ribbing like in below:
it's on grailed he wants a more cropped fit
which ones?
geez, that's such a nice shot of the leather ma-1 somebody buy my stuff so that i can afford one
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