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Quote: Originally Posted by pnpa I just came across the Campbell motorcycle jacket..and it really looks pretty descent for a nice price... It would be very interesting to know if it really stands well as a wax jacket.. Anybody else owns a similar jacket? Pan It's ok, it'll wipe off.
I for one love Spain and the Spanish people and the diverse culture that Spain has to offer. Spain is a thriving country and an important part of Europe, Viva Espana!!!
Absolutely not.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaymanjones Do you like? Nope, looks like a cheap replica, it may be real, but it looks vulgar and cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by fxh I still love it when people from USA say "fanny pack" or "fanny" out loud - many giggles all round. Best in a meeting I was in a bar in Edinburgh when two American ladies walked in, ordered a drink and proclaimed to the barman that they needed to rest their fannys. Ooh er missus!
I heard a story about a couple of American tourists traveling in the Scottish Highlands. They were on the Isle of Mull and stopped a local to ask directions to the 10 NA. The local chap stated that he had never heard of the 10 NA and asked what it was. The tourists were astonished that he had never heard of the holy isle of 10 NA where St Columba had landed centuries ago and was instrumental in introducing christianity to the pagan natives. The local pointed out they...
Where the trouser hits the shoe, the bottom of the trouser 'breaks'. Think Jerry Lewis for a no break.
Jodhpur boots? a pair of Jodhpur trews would go nice. Tally Ho!
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