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Quote: Originally Posted by driveslowk I like your shoes; could you ID them for me?
superdry looks like A&F from 5 years ago. return that shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by hboogz All those US residents in favor of AR_Six starting an IRS/Tax avoidance thread, say I. BTW, the varsity looks great as usual. I don't blame TOJ for trying to cover its ass because having the IRS on your ass can be a living hell along with a high possibility of jail time (i.e. Wesley Snipes), and at the same time it seems quite possible for there to be a tax loophole that TOJ can use.
If you don't want to wear socks, then don't. Why do you need the approval from a bunch of dudes on SF? If you want the best of both worlds, then buy some loafer socks. Problem solved, end thread.
Price drop
Price drop.
Sterlingwear Authentic Peacoat Size: 30R Color: Navy This retails for $149.99 + shipping on the Sterlingwear website. Also, small sizes like this coat have up to a month long wait. It has been worn only twice, but unfortunately it is just slightly small for me. P2P: 18" S2S: 16.5" Mid: 17" Waist 19" Front 28" Back 23" Sleeve: 23" Price: $110 shipped to US. I accept PayPal. Please send payment as gift/personal. Payment sent as for products/goods will be subject to a 4%...
dude you have a really odd body type. it sounds like most OTR clothing won't fit you so well. either get some MTM stuff or you should get to know your local tailor.
tin tin in the congo steez is the new workwear next season.
Price Drop
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