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Quote: Originally Posted by iroh Can shoes with crepe soles be worn in the rain? Only if you want to slip and fracture your hip. Sometimes it'll feel you're on a skating rink.
Quote: Originally Posted by maritimetimetime are there any big department stores that carry sno-seal? i can only seem to find them on amazon and other online retailers but id rather just go out and buy it at the store. REI
Hey Kiya, Is SESF going to get any of the 3Sixteen outerwear, namely the duffle coats?
Quote: Originally Posted by mcbuck I think I got the recomendation from Alden of Carmel; occasional application of Neat's foot oil. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...ef=oss_product You don't want the compound. You're gonna want pure neatsfoot.
Does anyone know any other online retailers that sell the Suede Summer Oxford in Chocolate? I can only seem to find it on Blackbird, but they only have 8.5D in stock.
I apologize if this is a dumb question, but is there any chance of 3Sixteen putting out another run of their duffle coats?
And he (unsurprisingly) has no game: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...45#post2810245
The top shirt just looks odd/off. It's a good 1 - 1.5 inches too short.
Quote: Originally Posted by WhoKnewI Got the woodland jacket. Probably their best piece of outwear. I like all of the details and the cloth is great. It fits a bit big, but I figure layered up it'll be good. Still, I kinda wish it fit me like it does the model on the website. I have it too and it does fit probably a size larger than what it is tagged as, but that's to be expected with J. Crew. Layering should help with the fit. The model on...
Quote: Originally Posted by borderline Opinions on this shirt: Too busy? Or potentially versatile? Yeah, I find it a bit too H&M teenagery.
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