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Can I have measurements for the Blazer?
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock how so, what happened? I noticed that the stitching would get looser and looser after every subsequent wear. I don't know if it's due to my foot and/or gait, but it got to the point that the stitching which attaches the flap to the vamp would stretch a good 1-1.5cm Here's a picture that I had taken of it after about 2 months of light wear.
I had that issue with my pair of Roy boots and they actually got worse over time. Luckily the dudes at Context were nice enough to replace my pair.
Can I have measurements of the junya coat?
Quote: Originally Posted by computurd 5 weeks? Damn, I got my bomber just a little after the 2nd week Also to add. How do you guys tend to store your leathers? I was going to put it on a hanger but I have a feeling that it might leave protruding marks at the shoulder area. I was using a properly sized hanger at first, but it felt like it affected the shoulders and threw off the fit of my DR. I just lay it on the ground or on my couch now.
Quote: Originally Posted by geoffmartin17 Bit of a non-sequitur there, unionized workers are a problem for almost every industry they are in, but that's not the issue. Drawing "i question unions" to "you should buy chinese shoes" is a bit of a stretch, don't you think? Unions have their uses, and their abuses. That's just common sense! To say that unions have no role in price increases is a bit naive... If these increases are going mostly...
Quote: Originally Posted by driveslowk I like your shoes; could you ID them for me?
superdry looks like A&F from 5 years ago. return that shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by hboogz All those US residents in favor of AR_Six starting an IRS/Tax avoidance thread, say I. BTW, the varsity looks great as usual. I don't blame TOJ for trying to cover its ass because having the IRS on your ass can be a living hell along with a high possibility of jail time (i.e. Wesley Snipes), and at the same time it seems quite possible for there to be a tax loophole that TOJ can use.
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