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has anyone seen this shirt in person? http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=2351 does it look more bluish or grayish in reality?
wow. you actually spent time thinking about this and writing this?
honestly this site needs a lot of work. it looks almost exactly like thought catalog, except for the huge pics of sneakers.
Also, once I hear "real hip-hop" in any phrase the first thing that comes to mind are shit ass underground rappers that only nerdy white dudes on the internet give a shit about.
Quote: Originally Posted by jakekrait back/shoulder fit, I was posing to hard pushing my arm back and causing some wrinkles . This wasn't my last ToJ purchase. And thanks for the props. smooth like butter. i think this shows peeps that TOJ leathers don't need to be skin tight to look sexy (although it helps when you look like a god damned model)
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 You sure about that? I just ordered a minimalist DR with Charly in burgundy horse hide about 5 minutes ago. I believe Drew said that about the quilted DR. On a side note, no more ToJ until Fall hits. Pockets are getting too deflated. I'm pretty sure anything with the surgeon's cuffs are lamb only.
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor J. Crew is aight, overpriced but you can get shit on sale. Their shirts are pretty good deep discount + tailoring, which I used to do. But one day I was in a record store in the "hip" part of town, dude walks in wearing the same J. Crew shirt as me. We made eye contact and at that moment, I knew what true shame felt like. Hopefully you learned a lesson.
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Thanks man. Yeah you can't really tell from head on, you can sorta see it in the right pic but... whatever. Razele was right they do end up getting a bit less voluminous once the wrinkles set in. If I get another though I will definitely adjust. You shouldn't get too OCD about the sleeves; they look fine. If you ever look at any of Drew's DR fit pics, the arms are typically are a bit loose rather than skin...
Quote: Originally Posted by Krish the Fish So because I'm not black I can't like slang? That's how I would speak. I'm not going to put on airs and type out a response on the internet that's different from how I would talk in real life. No need to get so defensive, though those terms are in almost in every other post it seems. And I find it funny how important those words mean to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty How does rain affect the lambskin jackets? It's supposed to rain tomorrow but it's perfect jacket weather so i'm torn. I soaked my lamb DR about a week ago and I let it completely hang dry for 3 days. It drapes noticeably better, especially in the arms. Before the soaking, I felt the arms were a tad billowy.
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