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Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty How does rain affect the lambskin jackets? It's supposed to rain tomorrow but it's perfect jacket weather so i'm torn. I soaked my lamb DR about a week ago and I let it completely hang dry for 3 days. It drapes noticeably better, especially in the arms. Before the soaking, I felt the arms were a tad billowy.
Hey drew, just to clarify, the 2011 DR is or isn't available in calf?
Quote: Originally Posted by nerazzurri he should be ashamed, he left milan to go to flamengo, should have learned some styling tips from the italians while he was there I am convinced the real Ronnie died in Barcelona in 2007.
Quote: Originally Posted by Woodyear Nevermind i copy/pasted the link address. Also its not that chicks are gross....its that dudes who look gender ambiguous are gross. Nothing worse than seeing someone from far away and thinking "man nice ass" then getting closer and realizing its some sickly dude in chicks jeans. lol, Im treating this as a serious post You picked the wrong subculture to tap into, especially a since large majority of...
Can I have measurements for the Blazer?
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock how so, what happened? I noticed that the stitching would get looser and looser after every subsequent wear. I don't know if it's due to my foot and/or gait, but it got to the point that the stitching which attaches the flap to the vamp would stretch a good 1-1.5cm Here's a picture that I had taken of it after about 2 months of light wear.
I had that issue with my pair of Roy boots and they actually got worse over time. Luckily the dudes at Context were nice enough to replace my pair.
Can I have measurements of the junya coat?
Quote: Originally Posted by computurd 5 weeks? Damn, I got my bomber just a little after the 2nd week Also to add. How do you guys tend to store your leathers? I was going to put it on a hanger but I have a feeling that it might leave protruding marks at the shoulder area. I was using a properly sized hanger at first, but it felt like it affected the shoulders and threw off the fit of my DR. I just lay it on the ground or on my couch now.
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