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Drew, any chance of some fit pics of the new Men's BCDR? I do plan to cop from the initial pics, but I would love to see it on a human.
As I had said, i've put on some weight from the gym, so the jacket is pretty small for me at this point. Honestly, a fit pic with me wouldn't be flattering to the jacket.
This is a brand new TOJ Collared Moto in black calf. I tried it on once and it's a bit tighter than I would like, so I'm going to have to let it go. This is good for someone who wants a very slim leather jacket, especially in the arms. This would be ideal for skinny dudes like me who wear XS, weighs 120-130 and stand about 5'7" - 5'9". Here are the measurements; Shoulders, Front: 16.3" Pits: 19.0" Mid: 17.2" Waist: 17.6" Front Length: 21.4" Back Length: 23.2" Sleeve:...
I've had my TOJ for about a year now - still going strong. Meanwhile, I'm praying for that CM tracking number comes soon
Brand New Size 46 TOJ1 with stock colors. Literally just out of the box and it doesn't agree with me. $350 shipped to continental US, but open to reasonable offers. Local pick up available in San Francisco.
This is a gently worn TOJ1. I'm selling because i've put on a little weight and this doesn't fit the way I want it to anymore. I've owned it for 2-3 months and it's in about a 9/10 condition. The colorway is black on black outer w/ tiger stripe lining. This is ideal for someone 5'7" - 5'9" and 120-130 lbs. Measurements: P2P: 18.5" Sleeve (from collar): 29" Front: 22.2" Back: 24" Price is $300 shipped in US via Paypal. Add 4% for non-gift payment. Available for meet...
damn, those look like marks from staples I hope you didn't send payment as a gift.
I had a wild TOJ sighting in Japantown in SF. Black CWU-45 on a short dude with long hair.
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