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I'm selling a gently used TOJ1. It is a stock 46 size. The condition is 9/10. No major blemishes on the leather and no major pilling on the body or ribbing. Color way is Black/Black and Digicamo on the reverse. Asking price is $350 shipped to the Continental US or local meet up in the SF Bay Area. I ship within 1 business day of receiving payment.
This is a gently worn pair that's been worn less than 10 times. This pair has always been stored with shoe trees and is shined regularly. It's has really beautiful patina and the photos don't really do it justice. I will throw in Alden shoe trees with this pair. Price is $325 shipped to the Continental US or for local sales in the SF Bay Area.
I'm selling a gently used pair of cigar shell cordovan Alden LWBs in 7.5D. It's been worn less than 15 times and they have always been stored with shoe trees. (I'm throwing in a pair of Alden shoe trees as well.) Price $450 shipped to the Continental US or local meet up sale in the SF Bay Area.
Anyone else not getting any responses from Charly? I've sent a few emails over the last 2-3 weeks with no kind of response. All i'm trying to find out is that my shit is actually still in the queue, since I bought my spot from my friend, but my friend was getting the address confirmation emails. Also I have a daypack in the pipeline that I'm trying to get confirmation about, but still no response. I've been trying to keep an even keel about the indefinite delays, but it...
FYI - If you bought a spot from someone, the original person may have gotten the confirmation email. Luckily, I had bought a spot from my friend, so he gave me the heads up right away.
I'm selling a 2010 TOJ Double Rider. I've owned and worn this jacket on an off for about 3 years. I baby my shit, so I've made sure to take care of this piece. The leather is black calf and it is extremely supple, yet tough as nails. The jacket has aged beautifully since I've had it and it'll just get more beautiful with age. I'm selling because I have a TOJ in the pipeline and I don't really need this one anymore. Condition is 8.5-9/10. There is no damage to the leather...
I have a 46 MA-1. Looking to sell or trade for a 44.
This is a moderately worn pair of Alden Indy Boots in Natural Chromexcel leather. Size is 7D in the Trubalance last. Condition: 8.5/10 - These boots have about 3-4 months of moderate wear. I've conditioned them regularly with pure neatsfoot oil, as prescribed by the folks at Horween. The only noticeable wear on them are the heels, which can be cheaply replaced by a cobbler. Price: $250 Shipped to the continental USA, or local pickup in SF Bay Area. Please do not PM me...
I'm selling a gently used pair of F+B 745 Work Boots in black size 40. I am a true size 7US and these fit me perfectly. Condition: 9/10 - I've worn these between 10-15 times only. The boot has no scuffs and the outsole is in great shape (this boot came with a rubber topy). This boot retails for about $450+. I'm asking for $250 shipped to the Continental USA or local meet up in SF Bay Area. Comes with original box. Please do not PM me sizing questions unless you are an...
2010 DR going on 2.5 years.
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