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It just dawned on me that I forked over $800 to an autistic, pathological liar who lives all the way in Korea. It's actually not too different than falling for the Nigerian email scams.
Drew, I've sent you a few emails since your last post weeks ago and I haven't gotten a response. How can we know if our jackets have even been made at this point? If my jacket hasn't (Jul 2013 2010 DR), I'd rather try to sell my spot.
Big thank you to Charly. To Drew:
FWIW, despite is thread activity Drew is pretty much as unresponsive with the TOJ email as always. I still don't know if my 7/13 order has even been made.
Hey Drew - I just sent an email about a spot I own from July 2013. Would you mind if you could get back to me about it?
I'm curious - It's basically April and I'm still waiting on a July 2013 order - is anyone still waiting for order from around that same period?
Black wool in general is a lint magnet. Get a lint roller. Ikea sells them for dirt cheap.
(From TBS): "Amazing parka from Junya Watanabe. Zipped up and closed with buttoned placket and top button is replaced by a hook. Leather enhancement and vents under the sleeves, four flap pockets and lined with the same gingham check as on the shirt. Hood with adjustable drawstring and buttoned cuffs. Made from a heavy mercerized cotton fabric that keeps the wind and the water away from you." Gently owned for a few years and worn less than 10 times total. Always hung with...
I'm pretty much at the 1.5 year mark (July 2013) - I just try to laugh at the whole situation so that I don't get angry about still not getting my jacket. On the plus side, this whole debacle has made it really easy to slang my TOJ jackets on the resale market - I was able to sell my MA-1 and TOJ1 for close to the original price.
This is a very gently owned TOJ MA-1. It's a stock 44 with 46 lengths (see attached measurements). This has been worn less than 10 times in the year that I've owned it. Condition is 9.5/10. Price is $425 shipped to the Continental US or local sale in the SF Bay Area. I will ship within 1 business day of receiving payment.
New Posts  All Forums: