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Fuck off - why don't you go scurry back to the EG thread.Thanks for your efforts @dieworkwear.
To everyone who still would rather still wait to get their jackets. How much longer would you feasibly wait until you're fed up? Another year? Two? Three? What makes any of you in this camp have any hope to believe that Drew has the ability, competence or moral compulsion to somehow miraculously pull this off? If you're one of these people, let me give you my paypal address, send me $800 and I'll fuck you over the same way Drew has (except I'll do you the courtesy of...
No autism or deafness joke in this entire thread is as offensive (or laughably stupid) as this sentence here.Drew apologism is a hell of a habit to break.
He is literally delusional.
I appreciate your optimism, but it's a pipe dream.Both Charly and Libertine (the only two camps who can reliably attest to this shithead's character), have supported the evidence that he has lied REPEATEDLY for over a year and he has recently behaved in classic con-artist fashion - by possibly fleeing.What logically makes you think this is at all a possibility? Even in the .01% chance that he did agree to this, who could reasonably believe or trust him? And what makes you...
How about those of us who bought spots from others? How would we fit into the Paypal group buyback case?
It just dawned on me that I forked over $800 to an autistic, pathological liar who lives all the way in Korea. It's actually not too different than falling for the Nigerian email scams.
Drew, I've sent you a few emails since your last post weeks ago and I haven't gotten a response. How can we know if our jackets have even been made at this point? If my jacket hasn't (Jul 2013 2010 DR), I'd rather try to sell my spot.
Big thank you to Charly. To Drew:
FWIW, despite is thread activity Drew is pretty much as unresponsive with the TOJ email as always. I still don't know if my 7/13 order has even been made.
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