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Bum for price drop. Frys Now at $120 (or best offer) Gripfast now at 60 bucks!
First one up is some nice fry boots. Size is Mens 10 width is Medium. I had the heel shortened by a qualified cobbler, he only took off about 1/4 inch or so. asking $150 plus shipping, they were $270ish new with out tax and i've only worn them like 10 times. They come in the original box. Next up is a pair of GripFast boots from England. They are punk rock to the max. Screwed on soles and all. In great shaped hardly broken in. They are 14 eye, but can be...
So im thinking of picking up another leather jacket. I was at norstroms and saw it this one a rack and it caught my eye. Its from 7 diamonds, its called "florence", leather jacket. It fit like a friggin glove. Leather was super soft and buttery. I feel in love. But before i pick it up i wanted to know what everyone thought of the brand or if anyone had the jacket. Is the quality good? Im hoping to get years of wear out it. It seemed to be a light to...
Quote: Originally Posted by eightdouble it's difficult to tell with your hands in your pockets about the sleeve length. i think the fit in the black and white photo posted in this thread is great, and that includes the sleeve length. i almost wonder in this 40 size in a non-tall would give you that sort of tailored look. i dunno, maybe i'm over analyzing but i feel like the sleeve length may be too long. at least compared to that b+w photo where i think...
Quote: Originally Posted by eightdouble i think it looks WAY better than the first one. i don't think a 42 would have been good, this looks like it fits pretty well. Thank you! Im pretty happy with it! Not to bad for a price either!
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Thomas Oh, and smile you tough ass! You're gonna make me want to get a jacket like that... Ha! you know i can dunk that shit yo! Do i need to post it up! What you want a windmil? double clutch? power slam? Shiiiiiittttttttt. I was going for the tough tattoo guy look!
Alright, returned the old jacket and picked up a new one! Different brand as well. I think this fit much better, what do you guys think? Its a 40L, So its made for tall dudes. So i like the longer torso and sleeves since im around 6'2''. I could have picked up a 42L that was a very little bit looser, but i felt the 40L was more "fitted" and would prob stretch out a tad over time ( correct?) What do you guys think?
What do those measurements seem like then if not a 42?
Quote: Originally Posted by wahwho11 Thank you! I just registered, so im waiting to be approved hope its still available when i get approved! Yes even dudes with neck tattoo want shit to fit right. We are human too.
Quote: Originally Posted by GlenCoe this is how it should fit Yup! That is the exact look im going for. Think thats a perfecto? Im currently looking a used 80's perfecto in a 42, think it will fit better?
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