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Hi all, I'm going to be getting married end of April in Spain, about 5pm. I'm in the process of ordering a MTM two piece navy suit from Brooks Brothers. Need this as a staple wardrobe item, so am planning to go with notched as opposed to peaked lapels, maroon lining, double vented, working button holes, plain front pants and no pleats. Fabric is probably a lighter/subtly brighter navy as opposed to midnight. Planning to wear black plain toe Alden bals in calfskin (#935)....
Hi, Before ordering thought I'd see if anyone has a pair of Alden, or Alden for BB tassel loafers in 11.5D in either #8, or Cigar. Thanks
I have less than two weeks to put together an outfit and would appreciate some help. I'll be joining about five partners in a medical group (physician) for drinks and dinner. We will be meeting up again after a full day of interviewing. I expect everyone to be conservatively attired in this smallish, Western town. I've dropped weight following a recent surgery so nothing I have fits well. I just purchased a few staple shirts, but will need to pick up a pair of pants and...
Adam, Thanks for the super transaction! I asked if it would be possible to have the shirt by Wednesday of this week, lo and behold it was delivered Saturday. Adam made an effort to get this in the mail within an hour or two of my order and couldn't be more pleased with the shirt itself. Thanks, Bill
Thanks JhwkMac! I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the T&A-- I found a couple make-do ties I had packed if it shows up late. Cheers
Hi, I have an interview coming up next week and am looking for a navy pin dot tie of good quality. Prefer 9cm/3.5" width and nothing shorter than 57" (59" or so is best). Looking to spend no more than $50-$75 shipped as I already have one, but it's back home. Can send Paypal immediately IF you can get it posted to 21231 (Baltimore) for delivery no later than Wednesday, 12/19. Thanks!
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