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Checking to see if anyone is interested as I don't wear it much anymore. Worn but still in good condition.
Bought from YOOX a while ago never worn, top button is loose. PM with any questions.
Brand new without tags Silent Polios pants in black. Size Large. PM with any questions.
I bought a sweater from Boylston, got hit with duties from DHL, which would be fine if they sent me the right sweater. I sent it back and they didn't refund me. This was in October. Lesson learned. One less SNS to add to my collection.
Proxy anyone?
The pockets also appear to be lower on the 4-zip so the leather can't change it's shape as easily nearer to the hem because of the zips.
That's a photoshop of the sample which was navy. Hulked out of my new moto the other day, ripped the shoulder seam in the lining and the banding in the gusset. I may just leave it like that provided it doesn't get worse. Thoughts? Bright side is I see more of how the jacket is constructed from the inside. Will take better pics/fit pics soonish, 2 years overdue on fishtail.
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