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Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Your average mugger has more experience in dealing with that kind of situations than you do and a knife is not exactly the best protective weapon in the world... Exactly. This is the key point that everyone (including myself in years past) fails to grasp. Your IDPA matches train you for IDPA. Your Kali classes train you for Kali classes. Your dowel rod knife sparring trains you for dowel rod knife...
Thanks. It looked like LSH was "sold out" of this particular shoe, but after contacting them, it appears they can make a pair for me for ~ $1300, including trees, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD What is this ?
Gildan heavy cotton t shirts ... blank ... $5 or so from amazon, in any color you want. They are very well made, as opposed to blank American Apparel shirts that are often misshapen or crooked, and do not have the variable quality you find from gap/BR t shirts.
Edward Green shoes are not (AFAICT) sold in San Francisco, where I live. I'd really like a pair of these: http://www.leathersoulhawaii.com/wp-...ploads/kib.jpg Am I correct that this is an EG Kibworth 606 ? The color is Burgundy Antique, according to the source of that picture. I am currently wearing a Stefanobi slip-on in size 8.5 (I wear an American 9.5) ... what size should I be shooting for in an English slip-on like this ? How accommodating is a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Butler MBIT (Mystery Bespoke Italian Tailor) I am very impressed by this jacket. Fantastic.
Denver ? Low humidity, cool air at night, functional downtown/metro area ... housing should be pretty reasonable, although I haven't checked lately.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kitontini There's nothing wrong with leaving 1 button unbuttoned. I do it all the time. What's the point of having working buttons if you're not going to use them? No, that's not the point I'm making. I'm saying that when you see it on a big time CEO, in front of congress, it's closer to being "the right way". Which is interesting.
I'm in the camp that considers a button (or two) left unbuttoned on jacket sleeves to be tacky. However, I think it's only a matter of time before leaving a single one unbuttoned evolves into "correct" or "proper" and this looks like the first step: http://www.boingboing.net/2011/05/15/RTR2D74H.jpg It's one thing for Mr. MBA at the hip bar to be doing it, but the CEO of GS has nothing to prove to anyone. He might just be clueless in the style realm, but however...
Here is how I would spend 8 days ... Fly from SFO to NYC. Arrive around 5 or 6pm. Stay in midtown, have a nice dinner and see a show. Next morning, have a nice run in central park, do some shopping, get to the airport for an 8pm flight to Zurich. Stay at the park hyatt for two nights. Eat rich continental food. Do lots of walking. Then rent a car and drive south (1.5 hours) to Davos. Stay at the Arabella Sheraton (with starpoints ?). Do some hiking. Next...
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