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Works in Europe
Royal Mail next day is the best within the uk, particularly to Northern Ireland, of the carriers Dhl are also great in my experience
Mr porter uk now up to 80%
Thanks for the advice there's a 42 in the sales I might take a try on (I'm between 42-43)
Are gats true to size or should I size down 1 like cps Was looking to pick up the white mids in the sales
Is there a discount code thread they could be derailed into
Liking the cps How comfy are they, I'm thinking of getting a pair
Definitely going to order an a2 in brown goat in the next few weeks, would be rude not to
Was planning on ordering an a2 in brown lamb but now thinking that the brown goatskin might be the better optionReally need to do my research on the qualities of goatskin
Winter is coming
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