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Bloomingdales in San Francisco does on the off chance that you're in the Bay Area, and if you're not they should be able to ship to you. I picked up a pair of black leather Tanino lows there for $120 a couple of weeks ago, so it might still be worth an inquiry.
Agreed, your guesses concerning the reasons are essentially the same as my own. In the meantime, I'll be sitting here waiting for that one shop to finally take the plunge!
Double post.
Mindtrive is a good store. You can also try Rule Osaka, Midwest, Via Bus Stop, and of course ZoZo and individual brands' online stores, such as Lad Musician. I'm forgetting a ton, but those are a few off of the top of my head.A general rule of thumb if you want good deals is to look at Japanese brands. US or European brands will very rarely be cheaper in Japan, even at current exchange rates.I understand that. However, stores like Tres Bien, LNCC, oki-ni, etc. have quite...
Still definitely worth it at current exchange rates! But, it would still be nice not to have to pay the fees. I also speak Japanese and have a Japanese credit card/bank account, so many of the services you pay for I don't need.
Quite a bit. This is precisely why I wish more Japanese stores shipped to the US at the moment.
Lad sweater?
Best of luck to you.I went through that process a couple of years ago. In the end it turned out to be a great resource, and it's an excellent experience either way. Hang in there!
Yep, I probably own more Lad Musician than any other brand. Fit is always spot on and construction is very solid for the price.If you're in the states, snatch it up while the dollar is strong!
Thanks. That's sadly what I figured.I can second this. Lad thinsulate coats are surprisingly warm.
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