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Lad sweater?
Best of luck to you.I went through that process a couple of years ago. In the end it turned out to be a great resource, and it's an excellent experience either way. Hang in there!
Yep, I probably own more Lad Musician than any other brand. Fit is always spot on and construction is very solid for the price.If you're in the states, snatch it up while the dollar is strong!
Thanks. That's sadly what I figured.I can second this. Lad thinsulate coats are surprisingly warm.
Eric Schedin x Comme des Garcons sneakers. Just looking for some basic black sneakers, and prefer these over the usual suspects like CP, MMM, Lanvin. I'm not familiar with the quality of the Eric Schedin or CDG sneakers though. Any have experience with either brand? Construction/sole looks the same as CP, and also made in Italy. Who knows, could even be the same factory.
This looks great! A few more images below. Also looks to come in a green variant, but I definitely prefer the white.Texture close up:Green:
Where in Denmark? Tres Bien is in Malmö if you're near Copenhagen.
Alexandre Plokhov bomber jacket from SS12. This was worn once and has been sitting in my closet since (10/10 condition), as it is slightly too large for me. Composition is a lightweight 60% cotton 40% Cupro that is perfect for spring and summer, with high quality, weighty zips and snaps. Retailed for something ridiculous (around $700). Made in Italy. Tagged size is 44 but ideal for a large XS or normal S. Measurements: P2P 19" Length 29.5" Shoulder 18" Looking for $200...
No problem. This one, but the dark green variant.
Good to know. Still, knits are MIC now. Note on acrimony, etc., that they don't list the country of origin. I also recently received a knit that I ordered from Japan that is MIC.
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