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No problem. This one, but the dark green variant.
Good to know. Still, knits are MIC now. Note on acrimony, etc., that they don't list the country of origin. I also recently received a knit that I ordered from Japan that is MIC.
Distorbiant, agreed. I don't usually like sneaker-soled boots, but those I don't mind. Schneider coat? Slightly waxy cotton blend so really a rain coat. Still fits and drapes like in the latter photo. Only hesitant because I feel the fabric is a bit boring for Schneider.
Pretty sure all knits (except dip-dyes) are now MIC as well. From what I've handled quality still seems fine though.
They don't offer international shipping, says in their Q&A section. I guess you could try a proxy if there was something you really wanted.
It has nothing to do with post count, just the quality of the fits, criticism, and advice. There are some fantastic posters with lower post counts who obviously know what they are talking about and consistently post inspiring fits (eg. Platypus), as well as members with high post counts who consistently post poor fits and add very little in the way of constructive criticism. But lackluster fits and comments will be criticized, hopefully for the sake of inspiring...
And Acrimony becomes the latest store to stop carrying 44s.
Nope, I'm specifically talking about the dip-dye from this season.
Not sure what to tell you. I tried on a 44 and the fit was perfect. I'm a true 44. Also depends on how you want it to fit I guess. It certainly wasn't skin tight, but felt the way a sweatshirt should fit, without being oversized.
Not oversized from what I've seen. Go with your usual size.
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