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Quote: Originally Posted by Butter You know you've failed when you're disagreeing with yourself. I would suggest you stop before you start looking....wait nm too late. Nope - because quality and brand name are not always equal. I know this may crush your ego, but brand names can often be of bad quality and you are simply paying for the fancy name.
Quote: Originally Posted by OldSchoolCharm My choice in clothing purchases has been an evolution. A couple years ago, I thought a nice polo and khakis was better than what 50% of the people wear. It takes time for a person to be comfortable to pay $500+ for shoes, or $150+ for wool trousers, or to pay 4X for a blazer than what is on sale at Macy's each week. Unless you had a father teach you about dressing properly, where do men learn this stuff...
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter I already told you, they are pretentious douchebags no matter where they go or what they like. Are you that naive to think that pretentious douchebags is a rare species and only local to this forum? And that's fine, but a huge demographic of douchebags belong to Style Forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Wow, your parents must be so proud of you.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier OK, I will take your advice and not feed you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter On the contrary. It's pretentious if they're just debating about the brand. Debating the quality is intelligent and rather important for the rest of us. Some of us don't have the money or time to wear expensive things till they wear out on us, it's better to learn how to spend money on things that last. People are just sharing experiences, just like car enthusiasts might talk about gas mileage. You got issues if...
Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection How very brave of you to admit your problems.
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter There are lot of pretentious douchebags here simply because they are pretentious douchebags in real life. Nothing to do with their interest in clothing. Someone with bad attitude is going to carry that no matter what their hobby is. Come on, when people are debating the quality of a brand name white dress shirt, it's fucking gay and pretentious.
Quote: Originally Posted by Seymour I do not know what profession or occupation you are in, but you obviously have not witnessed the trend of certain major companies actually nixing the business casual dress code and re-installing 'business formal' in recent years after the implosion of the tech bubble, i.e. in banks, lawfirms, etc. Also, "[t]his idea that you command respect by being well dressed is so outdated" couldn't be further from the reality...
Quote: Originally Posted by dmac In my world, convincing someone to supersize an order doesn't count a closing a deal. You are just hilarious. What do you do for a living?
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