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ask your bloomberg rep... there has to be a way to at least port over your account settings.
Going to grad school straight out of undergrad is pretty much a guarantee that he won't get a front office IB job.
If you're actually looking to get into IB, going to grad school of any kind right now is pretty worthless. Not really sure why you're set on going to grad school anyways... why not just get a job?
Hey guys - was looking to get some help identifying the model of these shoes. Thanks!
Just because it doesn't require previous experience or skill doesn't mean it's somehow a cakewalk to get hired. Kids from my school (which is a semi-target, and sends a rather significant number to front office banking and S&T) heading to BB firms to do middle office work often have GPA's of 3.5 and above, with pretty good resumes and extracurriculars. They also tend to hire straight out of undergrad... and banks like to be formulaic with their hiring, so being a year+...
I'm not sure I'd quite classify yellow is a versatile color for a shirt. For something a bit different, take a look along the lines of this: I've got a similar shirt in white with black checks that I feel comfortable wearing pretty much anywhere.
Season 1 was awesome and absolutely worth watching. Season 2 was less so, but that may have just been because I was a lot more stressed during the period it was on... definitely recommend checking it out.
Tell him that you're unwilling to write a dishonest letter of recommendation, and that it's probably better, for his sake, that you don't write the letter. He should get the clue, especially if he knew he was going to be fired. He sounds like a prick... don't encourage him.
Not much to add other than a similar sentiment from the last thread: I wouldn't discount Exeter on the basis of that guide. I can't stress how overwhelmingly awesome every Exeter graduate I've met has been. Granted, it's a handful at most, but they've all been so down to earth, intelligent, and great people to be around.
This doesn't sound like much of a mistake, really. If you're looking to move into a PE/distressed debt shop, you're definitely in the right place in NYC. Sounds a bit early to be moving into these anyways, if you're not in a top bank/group. Why not try lateraling to a "better" group, with the intent of moving back to the city you like to do PE in a year or so? I don't think it looks too bad if you're moving from a smaller city to new york, and then lateraling to a...
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