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Or in the hallway, anywhere a wall is handy.
Thoughts on having your portrait painted, or portrait painting in general? How much would you pay?
Perhaps he did not have control over what he wore in the official photo, in gdl's photo it seems he knows his way around at least a cuff. Or maybe he is playing a joke on all of us, so subtle that most won't notice and those that do won't recognize it is a joke.
Does he mean "it's not cool to be", meaning it's not cool to be that way, to dress that way, or does he mean "it's not cool to B", speaking about "B", himself, in third person? I guess it doesn't matter. I think Beanie's recent effort sampled Scarface to an unpleasant degree. I may be mistaken, though.
Let us, look at associations.
If you're stuck at 165 and your muscle mass is increasing, doesn't that mean that your body fat is also dropping? If you want to slim down, stop growing heavy muscle.
My favorite and most useful online resources. http://www.wga.hu I think it begins in the proto-Renaissance and covers major and many minor artists with an impressive amount of works, many in high resolution (though that doesn't mean good quality). A good amount of pieces have a paragraph or two written about them. Also, a wonderful search function, especially if you want to look by theme or subject. http://www.artchive.com A list of Mark Harden's favorites,...
When I played roller hockey Bauer and Mission were always the best. If you're just casually rollerblading, though, you can't really go wrong with anything. Buckle-clasps are easier than lace-ups. Just be sure to get good wheels and bearings.
I believe you have trumped Thom Browne. I do recommend, though, that you do not alter half of your suits for sandals and clogs and keep a full closet that looks good with dress shoes. Hopefully those who see you walk in with flipflops under your suit won't be concerned with the break.
After having been struck by the incredible philosophical value of Mims logic (He's hot because he's fly, you aren't, well, because you're not) I saw this and it has since been the centerpiece of our dorm's fridge. Fig. 5 and 7 are my favorites. One of my favorite things I've seen in the Village Voice in the past few months.
New Posts  All Forums: