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I bought some darker blue jeans from Uniqlo because I liked the color that I thought would result after some wear. However, they are quite shiny, and I'd just like to know for sure that they will eventually dull and become a more matte indigo. I feel a bit retarded.
I was in a workshop taught by the artist Kevin Berlin, who also happened to be an enterprising producer of luxury socks. He's a great, eccentric guy.
I stopped by Filene's Basement (akin to Marshall's or TJMaxx) today, and they had a table of Earnest Sewns for $70. I got a pair of Fultons and took them to the fitting room, only to discover in line that the top button, the most important button, was missing. I went back to the table and looked through the other pairs, only to find that all of the Fultons in what I think was the Line Wash color were missing the button. The other colors, however, had all their buttons....
I've never had any clothing tailored, and would like to know a few things about it. What would be an average price for a shirt or jacket I bring in to be altered? Are there any tips for finding a tailor that you like, does it even matter at this very basic level?
It is Amazon's shoe store. Since they arrived and started giving free overnight shipping I noticed Zappos jumping in with a ton of "free upgrades" to 1-day shipping.
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