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Are you saying that all through my years of juvenile corrections ("it's ESS-presso, not EX-presso, IDIOT!") I have been the dumb one? How embarrassing.
$2, a coupon, and some old receipts. BALLA!!
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Which one is that? None of them, I was confused. Looking again at the cloud shirts (they were Jil), I must have been thinking of something more recent. Instead of investigating this, let's just leave it as unsuccessful sarcasm.
Oh, he has one of those nice Jil Sander cloud shirts. Or were they Raf Simons?
Caught. I was trying to say what Yachtie did, with far too few words. Certainly not calling anyone portly. Confirms my motto of "there is always someone who can do/say it better".
I'll take my jacket and shoes off unless I know for a fact I'm not going anywhere, or if I want to paint, or if I want to shower. It's more out of kindness to the jacket and shoes than for my comfort. Elegance and wit don't really describe that forum well at all.
What are general thoughts on Maxx & Unicorn wallets? Does "bonded" mean glued?
In fifth grade I dressed up as Crispus Attucks.
She just folded me; shit was SO cash. So, just fold it any way you'd like, shit will remain SO cash.
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