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The Renwick in DC is great. I saw a Grant Wood show there, and in addition to his paintings he made, and they showed, easels, desks, his studio, everything. When I move to the Pacific Northwest I will be excited to see the remnants of the Arts and Crafts movement.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Actually, I was being sarcastic. He looks pretty disappointed to me. I was agreeing with you, I think. He looks as if they are annoying as fuck. Hef's probably a pretty smart guy, he definitely doesn't talk to them, does he just tow them through media events and get three squared blowjobs a day?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Hef looks happy. They must be annoying as fuck. Someone "fix" that for me.
A friend of mine bought a cape, I think Russian or French, at an army surplus shop for $90. Wore it pretty often, but it was at art school and in New York, so it actually seemed pretty conservative; or at least not as contrived.
My first automatic. Forgot to request a silver-tone buckle on the strap, my wrist is bi-colored.
Damn! So is it "esprexo"? Definitely NOT apologizing.
If you start studying, I'll start apologizing. After I print out research on translated Italian pronunciation.
Two. Left and right. (I make my own.) (Yep.)
If they had used a pregnant specimen to achieve seamless construction, I'd be all over it.
Maybe, uh, just maybe you could, Matt, I mean, young Matt, is it possible that you might, out of, in the spirit of, as a sort of experimental, an experiment, Matt, you could do a little, I mean, a little bit of careful, you know, tentative, just a tiny bit of ironing, like, just a teensy little ironing, around the roll, that lapel roll that we, I mean, that we, have been posting excessively about, I mean, posting a lot about, so maybe "B", uh, Bill, could possibly, maybe...
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