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My new Basquiat, hos know what that cost. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, tryin' to get that Oprah.
I'm a boss 'round here, call me Mr. Hugo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Great haul Willsw, previous owner sure liked pebble grain wingtips! Are they AE Chesters? Quote: Originally Posted by fuji Will are those all the allen edmonds chester? I have the one on the left. Excellent shoe. They are Harwoods, which I can only find mention of in an AE lasts thread from AAAC. They are on the same last as the Chester, #3.
If you search "jodhpurs" on google images, it'll take awhile before you get to boots. I have a pair of monk ankle boots, I think they look fine with jeans. My foot size relative to my hem size makes ankle boots the footwear of choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS Pretty cool shoes. Seal? I don't know what kind of leather it is, I would love to know if it's not just treated calf.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur You're a bastard.
Plain is easier to match. I don't really like argyle in this situation, for some reason. I've been wanting to try stripes or color blocks, If I can find them.
If it's gold outside, celebrate. V-necks are much better than crewnecks, just wear whatever works, as you do with ties, pocket squares, and shirts. If you're trying for conservative stick with neutrals and low-key colors. Personally I prefer a bit of brightness with the more dull suit. I also enjoy wearing those zip-collar sweaters, but I don't recommend that.
Picked up this vintage trio for $80 shipped. All the same model. They fill some holes in my lineup.
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