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Phildo is wrong on both accounts, though makes possible another suggestion. Take the picture of that...thing on ebay, take your holey peacoat, and go to a tailor and have a long conversation.
It SEEMS TO BE a peacoat with hacking pockets and various other knick knacks attached. Such as those lapel buttons.
Maybe, once I get my hands on an urushi fountain pen, I'll seek these out to match. Then Glennie can make me an urushi-edged pocket square.
So they are urushi?
The lighter grey skies have come out in Braid's life. Nice shirt, happy.
Some like to whisper their lack of taste rather than shout it.
Price drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika Here's a blog of a Californian turned New Yorker who started his own fashion/style blog not too long ago. When are you gonna give us more, Justin? you do....the thin man?
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie i guess i don't really get your love of pretty much one designer, and only that designer... always. robbie Artists need patrons, patrons love artists.
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