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Started doing this a about a year and a half ago (voluntarily, not out of office need), without that tie addition and including odd jackets. Make sure you have enough suits/jackets (seven seemed to work for me) and that your collars fit. Eventually jeans returned on weekends and my collars were often open and tieless. I no longer ironed every day. That's about where I am now, except that I nearly never iron (it's part of the charm, babe) and jeans are as valid an option as...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff that is one hulk of a shoe. i love that Yes, and after those two feminine boots it seems to be shouting "DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME MOTHAFUCCCKAAAAA", or something similarly masculine and virile. Did they have shoes designed by all of those people? Any photos of those pieces?
Vests and double breasts should never be left hanging.
I have too much fun swinging on them to ever use one of those. When I lived in dorms, a guy had one, I almost broke my neck trying to do what I was used to on my own. He used it every day without injury, though. And I'm just stupid.
Very envious of that scholar stone. Beautiful.
12C Park Aves, BIN $25
I love that middle one, the grey. Where did you find those?
I always want to buy those old boots, but in most cases the leather just looks like such awful, awful quality. Or they're (probably reasonably) priced like that.
Reading the comments I kind of knew what was coming. Having not heard more than the initial beat in so long, I'm actually listening happily. There's a reason it was a hit! "Shurrvood"
I also enjoy zip-up things.
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