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Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface You straights shouldn't have any. Hey. I'm a painter. I don't think I've ever said that as an excuse before. And you are too, don't women EXCITE THE AESTHETIC NERVES?!?
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface Was he? You fags have no taste in men.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan pics or GTFO That would be child pornography, sire. (Just saying.)
They remind you fellas of those shoes because they are those shoes. Though I've been thinking about picking up some Sperry versions, the wafer-thin soled ones are a bit too feminine for me. And, most of the outfits I see resting their weight upon the flimsy plimsol are as terrible as Chrono's recent "outfits". Except with tighter jeans. And a smirk. And a lot of dirt. Dirty fucking kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by heyheyhey Do you mean the two together? If so, opinion on the the waistcoat fit on its own? I personally don't like any vest/waistcoat unbuttoned unless it is very utilitarian-looking. It gives me a hippie, renaissance fair carny kind of feeling. I can only imagine the horror of a double breasted jacket hanging open to reveal an unbuttoned vest. You'd look like a gutted cow.
Quote: Originally Posted by gorgekko No dandy would be caught dead wearing a monocle. Correct. The only proper way to die is with a face clear of obstruction.
Price dropped again, now $40 shipped. After this they'll go to ebay, and if no success there, I guess I'll keep them, so if anyone suddenly remembers they want these, contact me for some dealings. Also, Dack's e-mail didn't work, so I don't know if the leather is anything interesting.
"Today," he whispered in his raspy lisp, "I was a silhouette."
Also, because he is so perfect at being "this kind of man";
I own a monocle, but feel like a fool gripping it with my face. Plus, I don't need glasses. Last remaining popular user:
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