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Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 you could pick up a reasonable facsimile of sasha who hasn't done old man blow gangs in most lower east side bars. True, but they have less readily available videos.
Quote: Originally Posted by T&A I could see her crossing over to arthouse film very easily. She already has, and continues to. That was part of the point of this post. Never mind. One-track minds.
Maybe you misheard them. "Foreman" seems logical.
The curl does not remain while your foot is in it.
I meant less her...natural talent, and more of her artistic intentions. Usually people like her strike me as trying too hard and annoying but I respect her for willing to endure for her ideas, kind of like Vito Acconci or Chris Burden, except that she's doing it within a giant industry.
Am I unrealistic in thinking Socal is serious about this Stazy deal?
After looking for clips just to watch the conversational introductions, I was wondering if anyone else is interested in Ms. Grey? Her wikipedia page is informative.
I'm the first to vote? Bullshit.
Maybe the prospect of having sex makes people harder to appreciate. Without that factor, it's easier to look at everything objectively. I need to get some LK asexuality.
I find men sexy, on average sexier than women (though women, pour moi, have the advantage in the end). Sexy in a perfect, sculpted kind of way. As far as handsome goes, I'm much pickier than my female friends. Women, maybe because men will fuck anything, who are shown as beautiful are usually unexciting. And because conversations have no place here, this is what I am currently wearing. Those are moose. P.S. That awful thing in the background is in line for being...
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