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Quote: Originally Posted by feynmix would it be possible for you to post the length of the shoe? Sure. 12.25 inches long, 4 inches wide at the widest point. The leather is not at all stiff and fits me snugly without being uncomfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lawl. Damn, wait so whats the brand? All that I know about the maker is that faintly embossed "USA". I don't know if this means Made in USA, or if it's the end of a brand name. Regardless, if asked you can just say, "Oh these? I got them last season in a little side street while lunching in Italy. I was in such a rush to fly back to Paris for dinner I didn't get the name of the old cobbler turning one pair out a...
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso Those are awesome. You can't get some insoles? I meant the sole is too thin for my taste, and I'd rather someone who appreciates a slight sole to have these than invest in changing them. My grey shoes will come with time.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Deacon I stated in the listing that the Alden for BB were calf. I have a pair of identical loafers in shell (Alden 684 loafers).They are 11.5D but identical in size. I might post them on ebay in three weeks or so. Forgive me, I don't actually read most of the posts I consider posting here and are too expensive for me. This is a reckless practice and only makes me feel dumb.
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser I don't actually care about the history of your lamp. My enjoyment of the lamp has been ruined. A quote for the ages.
Lobb, $169 starting bid. Alden for BB loafers. Calf and very worth buying. Made in England Polo spectators:
Like that look, Carl, especially the pants, and the sweater...and the...I like it all, really. You also seem like you left Las Vegas in the 70's and have been living in the woods ever since, if you know what I mean. If you can imagine what I mean, I mean.
This leads to another important question, often addressed in life: Crunchy or smooth?
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser What I wear the days i'm not "managing a safeway" Uniqlo, 5epxsf, clarks So it's casual Friday where you're the IT guy? Good lookin', fella.
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