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Hmm, maybe not the most appropriate season to post but I got these leather gloves from my mother-in-law last year for my birthday and I really like them. They are getting a nice patina. http://store.gaspargloves.com/catalog/product/59155856a72746c0a2b7e6dc5c9ac335 They are the same gloves Ryan Gosling wore in the movie Drive. That may be lame to some people. Personally I think it is kinda cool. Here they are in action. Forgive the photo quality (as you can see I was...
Forgot about this thread. I recently had Honey Butter Fried Chicken here in Chicago and it is pretty amazing, I must say. I might go so far as to say as it is the best fried chicken I have ever had. They do a great pimento mac n cheese as well.
Have you ever put on a barrel with suspenders like they do in cartoons when they lose their clothes?? It's kinda like that. That...or a potato sack. Oh, you haven't tried a potato sack either??? Well then, I guess I would just say kinda like J. Crew but with slightly longer arms. And quality is decent. Not amazing, but seems decently well made.
SnowKING...are you a shill for Hughes?
Oxxford on MyHabit
http://www.gilt.com/sale/men/sunday-night-steals-4437/product/163146035-luciano-barbera-solid-knit-tie $69. Not bad.
Have a pair of Meermin brown suede chukkas that fit like a US 12 (IMHO) and are a UK 11.5. They were a tad snug for me since I am more of a 12.25 or 12.5. You can see the ad here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/364619/new-meermin-snuff-suede-uk-11-5-us-12-chukka-boot-rubber-sole
I have here a pair of new, unscathed brown suede tassel loafers from Meermin in a UK 11.5. You can see the shoe here: http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=4061 Anyway, this shoe was unfortunately a tad large for me given that it's a loafer. It probably is a 12.5 US, which in general I am, but I guess not in a loafer. It's definitely smaller than a 13 US Allen Edmonds suede tassel loafer I tried before this one, but bigger than their 12. I figured I could have used a...
I have a pair of Meermin UK 11.5 Light Brown Snuff Rapello Suede Chukka Boots (Model 101468) that have been only tried on and not worn outside of my carpeted bedroom. Sadly, this last is just a bit too tight on me (too short on my big toe). For frame of reference, I think this shoe fits pretty similar to an Edward Green 11.5 UK / 12 US on the 202. I wear a 12 in the Alden Barrie comfortably, if that helps people with sizing guidelines. I would say that this fits pretty...
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