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My wife ended up getting a Mazda CX-5. Not too exciting, but meets her needs.
I was at the Nordstrom Rack on State Street here in Chicago on Thursday of last week and they had a lot of Barbour coats on sale. I only saw a rack of women's so not sure if there were men's. I didn't look as I already have one and didn't need to be tempted. Women's waxed coats were in the $200 range if I recall correctly. Large selection. Guessing there could be men's as well.
I agree. Pretty certain about this. Fiddleback waist is the dead giveaway. Pretty sure Doucal's does not make for TF.
At the risk of continuing this conversation re: Prime / Amazon in a thread where we are supposed to talk about cars, I would also add that Amazon Prime is really not that much worse than Netflix. The selection isn't quite as good, and their interface is clunky / ugly, but on the whole it has a lot of good stuff for streaming (HBO catalog, for example). Anyway, considering you get the 2 day shipping, then prime is a pretty good value at less than $10 per month. In addition,...
@Dachshund to be clear, I like them. I would get an R8 (any year, any engine) over the Gallardo because it is just more my style. I was just putting an idea out there. I think the Gallardo, though perhaps dated, is more interesting looking than the 430 or 360. Although that much money (vertically) opens doors to a lot of other cars.
I thought I read some statistic like "there are as many Gallardos in the world as there are every other non-Gallardo model of Lamborghini combined from the beginning of the brand's production." As a result, they will likely never be *that* collectible. The good news is that prices will continue to decay, with people like that moron from the YouTube self help videos having no idea what to do with them. God I hate that guy. KNOWLEDGE!
You are sounding like a schizophrenic. You are jumping around from 26k to 6k. You gotta figure out what you should spend AND then what you want that falls within those guidelines man.
Also, can't you scoop a 997 for like ~30k with high miles? I like my M3, but would definitely pay 7k extra for a 997.
I have an 06 interlagos e46 m3 comp pkg car. Mine has 72.5k miles. I picked it up over a year ago with 65k on it and I paid 23k. It had a wonky OEM nav / head unit. That was the only thing "wrong" with it.It is an SMG, which I realize you (and many others) don't want. I actually was only looking at SMGs.05/06 comp pkg cars are not that common, and interlagos is even rarer. So tracking them down can be quite difficult.Personally, I think this price is sky high given the...
Atelier on Web sale starts today.
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