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@mbaum , @Find Finn Idk about well maintained because I haven't seen them in person, only ads and the like which indicate service records and good titles, but I have seen a couple for that much and the mileage is reasonable (seems to be ~ 75k, and not S models). I think it is fair to say that starting with the 996, it became more common to see 911s as daily drivers due to the increase in size and expansion of certain creature comforts. There are still a lot of things...
It was a C2S. Sorry for not clarifying. We had discussed it a number of pages ago. It was a very low mileage car too (sub 40k miles).
Tentatively sold my 993 for 78.6k. Deposit is down. Might start poking around at something new, although wife wants a new SUV so maybe I will just keep my e46 M3 for awhile until something great comes along. Who knows, also talking to the bank right now, so might end up buying a house which is probably the more responsible move but whatever. @jet, I am with you I don't love the 991. Something about it seems a little blobby. It's like a Porsche X Allen Edmonds or...
I wear 13 in most sneakers (Nike, Adidas, 46 in Common Projects) and 13 was always too big on me in Converse. I wear 13 in the Kent Wang sneaker and find that to fit true to other 13s (ex-Converse). Based on what you wrote, I would suggest you stick with a 12.Also, just wanted to say that I had to do an exchange the other day and Kent Wang team was very easy to deal with. Replies and tracking info were all very helpful and speedy. Not my first order, and certainly not my...
Cheap stuff. Like a Dino 248. Ha.A nice showing though. Looks cool.
Top bidder on my 993 flaked. Looks like I may end up needing to put it back on the market.
Couple pairs of Incotex at East Dane for $75 shipped at East Dane after the additional 25% off thing they're running. http://www.eastdane.com/slim-fit-chinolino-trouser-incotex/vp/v=1/1547225606.htm?folderID=19407&colorId=35769
These suede hi tops from Brooks Bros are actually pretty cool and on sale: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/High-Top-Suede-Sneaker/MH00444,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00444_Color=NAVY&contentpos=6&cgid=0522 Supergas for 32.50 with pretty much a full size run. I think the Bros still have free shipping with Shoprunner and if you have an Amex I am pretty sure they still have a deal where you get Shoprunner for free. Idk cuz my Amex is thru Fidelity, so it's not a traditional...
I sold the 993 because I also have an e46 M3 and the car was just getting super valuable and I felt bad driving it anywhere or parking it. I don't really have the capacity for a true collector car right now given I live in downtown Chicago and don't have my own garage. It was a great car, but there are other cars out there and I had fun with it. I am sure it will bring joy to its future owners.
Just sold my 993 on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Porsche-911-C2S-CARRERA-S-1997-porsche-911-carrera-s-2-s-993-c-2-s-widebody-unmolested-/111548898635?forcerrptr=true&hash=item19f8d51d4b&item=111548898635&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
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