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Agreed. Equus Bass seems totally overpriced. That much money buys a lot of car or alternatively a lot of cool cars.
@dieworkwear that Saks Friends and Family started. 25% off for clothing. Tons of exclusions, unfortunately. 8% ebates kicker today. http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/Entry.jsp
For a long time, Shell was considered the ultimate in gasoline. But in recent years, the consensus seems to be BP. There are places that do tests on this stuff (like a Consumer Reports, etc.). Honestly, I am not even sure if Shell 91 is all that common where I live (Midwest), but I know I prefer to put BP 93 into my 911 and my M3 and if there isn't a BP nearby then I go to Shell in lieu of that. As they say, expensive gas is cheap insurance.
OCTOBER10 for 10% off at Tres Bien Shop. Not sure if for newer accounts only or what.
Regarding e-mailing Tres Bien Shop for codes. I e-mailed them and this is what I got back:So maybe we can put that to rest.
Where, other than to hell, do I need to go to beg for a TBS code again? I forget. I actually need one.
You haven't logged in in awhile, but if you have these I would be interested. Thanks.
Bloomingdale's Friends and Family kicked off. I am pretty sure ebates has an additional 6% kicker. Exclusions Apply. http://www.bloomingdales.com/ Brooks Brothers has been sending out 40% off 1 item in store so check your mailbox for that. Corporate event coming up mid Oct, I believe.
Not sure if this is the right thread, but anyone know if bear claws ever go on sale and if there is a way to avoid paying tax on these and if they run TTS?
Saks doesn't do a ton of mid-season stuff, but there usually is an opportunity maybe twice in the fall and once in the spring to get sales across the board. IIRC, they do Friends and Family in the spring and fall? Spring I want to say is around beginning of April. I can't really remember when fall is but I want to say early/mid Oct. I do know that they have had sales around Black Friday the past couple of falls. They sometimes do a pre-sale for this for more valued clients...
New Posts  All Forums: