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The color on that M3 looks like Porsche Mint Green, which is actually an awesome color on 964's. Honestly, I really like it on that M3. I mean, it's a bit "look at me" but I would rather it be like that based on a fun color instead of some stupid mods (which is true for a lot of other M3's).
Selection seems to be getting worse with time? More focus on original content, maybe.I have been debating cancelling my membership and I've had it since like 2007 or something.
Anyone here driven a Cayman R? I don't understand why these things haven't depreciated more. Must be a production numbers thing. I am intrigued, but given their prices, used 911 S seems like the better (and cheaper) route. Can even get a used GTS for that money.
Z3M also came as a roadster in the states. Flared wheel wells, better looking rims, fat tires, M side grill. Much more aggresive looking than the standard roadster.
Drag racing. The idea of having a "sleeper."
Actually, this is what people used to do. In the muscle car / hot rod era, people would change the badging so that people thought you had a 327 when you really had a 454 or something like that. Makes sense for performance cars.
That Fulvia they sold with the Rally get up is a nice one.
Regarding the earlier discussion surrounding VWs, I have had a Jetta and a Passat and I concur with the statement: all of the downside of owning a German car with none of the upside. Also, saw this vid recently on the Cadillac ATS-V and the Mercedes C63 AMG and was very impressed with the competition in this segment now. With these high performance 4 doors, it's no longer just the M3 / M5 dominating:
My older brother bought a 635Csi off of a family friend when we were in high school (1999, I believe). It was awesome. He got it for a song. Put it in a ditch about 3 weeks later. Completely totaled. Was fun while it lasted.
I stand behind Rectify. Excellent show.
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