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I thought I read some statistic like "there are as many Gallardos in the world as there are every other non-Gallardo model of Lamborghini combined from the beginning of the brand's production." As a result, they will likely never be *that* collectible. The good news is that prices will continue to decay, with people like that moron from the YouTube self help videos having no idea what to do with them. God I hate that guy. KNOWLEDGE!
You are sounding like a schizophrenic. You are jumping around from 26k to 6k. You gotta figure out what you should spend AND then what you want that falls within those guidelines man.
Also, can't you scoop a 997 for like ~30k with high miles? I like my M3, but would definitely pay 7k extra for a 997.
I have an 06 interlagos e46 m3 comp pkg car. Mine has 72.5k miles. I picked it up over a year ago with 65k on it and I paid 23k. It had a wonky OEM nav / head unit. That was the only thing "wrong" with it.It is an SMG, which I realize you (and many others) don't want. I actually was only looking at SMGs.05/06 comp pkg cars are not that common, and interlagos is even rarer. So tracking them down can be quite difficult.Personally, I think this price is sky high given the...
Atelier on Web sale starts today.
You sure you're a member of StyleForum?
If you guys hate Mad Men so much, then why did you spend untold hours watching the show? Also, were you really watching the show solely in order to see how it ends? Throughout the entire show, I thought it was pretty clear that Mad Men was about the journey and not the destination. I am biased because I loved the show and I am a defender of it. It provided me with many, many hours of entertainment and thought-provoking discussions that related to the show. I think the...
Is electronic steering really that much worse than hydraulic (from the perspective of a true driver's car)? Is the road feel really that much more disconnected? I feel like in modern cars it can't be much different but I don't have much experience with it other than test drives.
I long for another recession as well. Although it wouldn't surprise me if air cooled prices never dropped more than 10% from here. I mean, I think you need to see some real '08 kind of panic to have people dump them in a fire sale.At this point I really have no skin in the game, but I too would be lined up to buy another if prices took a dive.Modern area Porsches will be interesting. I think 997s and 991s will be valuable at some point as Porsche turns to turbocharging...
Anyone know where there are some mutant dairy farms around Chicago? Asking for a friend...
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